12 thoughts you can expect to have at basic training graduation

Basic training graduation is such an exciting time. You haven’t seen your loved one for …


Basic training graduation is such an exciting time. You haven’t seen your loved one for many weeks, and now the day has finally come. Now that you’ve made it to graduation you’re that much closer to getting the first hug that you’ve been thinking about since that last hug you had when they first left. Here are 12 thoughts you can expect to have at basic training graduation:

“Alright, where are you?”


Let’s be honest, you knew there were a lot of people that were at basic training with your loved one, but holy cow how are you supposed to find them in the sea of other graduates.

“Oh, found you!”


Phew, ok you’ve spotted them. You can now rest assured that your loved one is in fact graduating and you will be hugging them oh so soon.

“Nope, that’s not you.”


Alright, so your brain actually tricked you and you didn’t, in fact, see your new graduate. No worries they are sure to be here somewhere. They have to be.

“Ok, this time I found you.”


There they are. Suddenly you’re becoming overwhelmed with all the emotions. They did it, they graduated. And you have both made it out on the other side. Life couldn’t be better.

“I can’t wait to hug you.”


Now that you’ve spotted your loved one you’ve got one thing on your mind. Operation Give Me A Hug.

“Hmm, how long is this ceremony?”


This is your first lesson in the military community, “hurry up and wait.” Before you get to wrap your arms around your loved one you’ve got to get through the ceremony. You’re totally interested in the speeches and presentations but let’s be honest – all you can think about is that hug.

“Hopefully someone gets a photo of this.”


You’ve been scrolling social media for months looking at dozens of people’s first hug photos and imagining what your own first hug would be like. Now that the time has come, you are taking full advantage of this photo opportunity.

“EEK – the ceremony is over, time to find you.”


See, that didn’t last too long. Now grab your things and find your person!

“Wow everyone looks the same.”

Obviously this is a bit of an exaggeration, but everyone has the same haircut or hairstyle, they’re all dressed in the same thing, and they’re wearing a cover that makes identifying your loved one near impossible.

“Move, get out the way.”


Trying to navigate through a sea of hundreds of people can be pretty difficult. Stay patient though, everyone is just as excited as you are to see their loved one.

“It’s you! I’ve missed you so much.”

Finally – the first hug. You’ve thought about it for weeks, and let’s be honest it’s even better than you imagined.

Photo by Cpl. Brooke C Woods

After weeks of communicating via Letters you’re finally reunited with the person you’d move mountains for, and there’s no better feeling.

Our advice for graduation? Whether you have those thoughts during graduation or not enjoy every moment of it. Graduation is a special time, and a day you’ll likely remember the rest of your life. The two of you have conquered distance and little to no communication. Now, you’re ready for the rest of the journey that lies ahead.

Jeremiah Runser