Advice from 11 years of mentoring Future Jarheads

G. Perez started Future Jarheads in 2004 by accident when an increasing number of Future …

Marine Infantry Unit Leader MOS

G. Perez started Future Jarheads in 2004 by accident when an increasing number of Future Marines were asking for advice and mentoring. Now thousands of Future Jarheads use the Facebook group and website, both packed with information and real-life experiences from Perez and other Marines. Team Sandboxx asked him a few questions about his own career, Future Jarheads and the most important piece of advice that he gives every poolee.

What was your MOS?
My MOS was Radio Operator and I was stationed with an infantry unit and was assigned to a grunt company.

How long were you in & where were you based?
I served one enlistment and was stationed at MCB Hawaii with 1/3, aka The Lavadogs.

Future Jarheads

What were the best and worst parts of serving?
The best part of serving for me was getting to learn about others. Seeing others complain and break down for the simplest of things inspired me and showed me how different I was. Seeing the many Marines who ran around being fake brothers also taught me a lot about people and about myself. And of course the overall USMC experience taught me all about me, life, and it showed me what I was truly capable of. My service clearly showed me that toughness is not measured in muscles or how fast you can run but instead how you go about handling your day to day life.

The worst part for me was seeing how fake people could be, especially when they used their title of Marine to look down on others and to hide behind.

Why did you start Future Jarheads?
Future Jarheads was started by accident. In 2004 I discovered the internet and came online to ask a question about cooking food. I stumbled on to the military section and answered several questions. Soon after I was getting emails asking me for more advice and it took off from there. Future Jarheads is a result of all of those who have asked me questions and it is not something I had planned on doing. Over the years I have learned that I was born with natural mentoring skills and this is why we are now heading into our 11th year.

Future Jarheads

If you could give a Future Jarhead one piece of advice, what would it be?

Try your best to understand and accept yourself no matter how much you desire to be like someone else. Until you live your true life, you will simply be living a lie. More understanding, less judging and a whole lot more loving is what I expect and demand out of each of you. Do not let the USMC define you and never feel that by earning the title of Marine that this entitles you to anything special. KILL!!

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