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5 real guns that James Bond would use

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James Bond’s gun of choice has always been something from Walther, most famously the PPK. He’s taken dives into the P99 and the P5, but he seemingly always comes back to the PPK as his main sidearm even though he has a preference that doesn’t stop him from using some of the highest-tech firearms out there when necessary. With that in mind, what are some real guns that James Bond would use?

I’ve gathered five real guns that would be perfect in the hands of Fleming’s famous character.

1) The Lifecard by Trailblazer


The Lifecard is perfect for when Bond needs the deepest levels of concealment. This gun gains its name because it folds in half to resemble a credit card when fully folded; albeit it’s a fair bit thicker than your Visa. The weapon folds with ease and fits easily in the breast pocket of your suit or your trouser pocket.

James Bond could then unfold the Lifecard to form a very simple, single-shot, striker-fired .22LR or .22 WMR handgun. It’s a single round so something best reserved for emergencies.


It’s a weapon that easily avoids detection and allows the user to conceal it in almost plain sight and not be detected. You can store a few extra cartridges in the grip, but reloads are slow.

It’s a very well-made firearm that’s fun to shoot and just downright ingenious in its design.

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2) The Magpul FDC-9

Magpul FDC-9

Speaking of disguised folding guns, the Magpul FDC-9 is one of the most practical weapons for a serious self-defense situation.

Magpul designed this pistol caliber carbine to fold in half and be disguised as a plain-looking, somewhat odd rectangular device. It fits easily inside a briefcase or even a stylish satchel for the modern man.

Magpul FDC-9

So, when the henchmen from SPECTRE attack in real life, Bond can unfold the Magpul and engage them with the 9mm FDC-9.

One side becomes the barrel, and another becomes the stock. Across the top sits a set of sights and in the middle sits your pistol grip loaded own with a Glock magazine.

It’s a small but capable tool for close-quarters combat and would be a great snoop-and-poop gun for James Bond.

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3) SilencerCo Maxim 9

SilencerCo Maxim 9

James Bond likes to keep a low profile, so, for his firearms, he often uses a suppressor.

A handgun with the addition of a suppressor creates a rather long and clumsy weapon. It’s difficult to conceal and holster effectively. But SilencerCo did something different with the Maxim 9: Instead of having to attach a can to a pistol, the suppressor is integrated.

The integral suppressor reduces the gun’s overall length but still makes it a little bulkier than most.

The Maxim 9 is quite quiet, and with the right subsonic 9mm, it can help ensure Bond’s not caught when infiltrating an enemy’s secret island to save the world. The gun uses standard Glock magazines, has the ability to mount accessories, and is even optic-ready.

4) B&T SPR300

B&T SPR300

Speaking of silent, with the right ammo it’s tougher to get a gun quieter than the SPR300. James Bond could pick off his enemies in near-absolute silence and maintain such a low profile to save a hostage without the hostage even knowing it.

The Swiss firm B&T would happily provide Bond with an SPR300 gun for whatever special purpose he may have.

The SPR300 is a special-purpose rifle featuring an integrally suppressed 9.38-inch barrel. The stock folds and the platform can be incredibly small. The gun uses the .300 Blackout cartridge to provide a subsonic option for effective suppressed use. The bolt action means the tell-tale clack of an action is gone, and the stock can fold to make it near backpack-sized.

5) Desert Tech MDRX

Desert Tech MDRX

When Blofeld’s men get frisky and things get loud, James Bond can turn to one of the most modular and well-designed bullpup guns on the market.

The Desert Tech MDR comes in various calibers, including the full-powered 308, the uber-accurate 6.5, the intermediate .223, or the easily suppressed .300 Blackout. If Bond needs options, he can easily swap calibers prior to the mission start.

The MDX uses a forward or side eject design, and since money isn’t an issue for James Bond when it comes to his guns, a forward ejection rifle would make the most sense. The MDX uses a short-stroke gas piston system that’s widely used with most modern rifles these days. The short design and modular nature make it a weapon easily adapted for a variety of missions with different optics, accessories, calibers, and barrel lengths.

James Bond and his spy guns

James Bond only deserves the best, most covert, and most accurate weapons. The five guns above prove that Bond has plenty of options, and any modern spy, commando, or freelance operative will be well-armed with the above.

What gun do you think Bond will appreciate most? Let us know below!

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