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You know you’re a Military Brat if…

If you grew up with one or both parents in the military, you might be a 'military brat.'...
screaming brat girl
  1. You struggle to answer the question of, “where are you from?”
  2. When someone asks you where you’ve lived, you need a minute to figure it out.
  3. When someone refers to your parent as a member of the wrong branch, you can’t help but correct them – “I mean, he’s technically not an ‘Army Guy’, he’s a marine.”
  4. You’re conflicted about wearing camo as a fashion choice
  5. You’ve played hide n’ go seek in a house full of cardboard­ moving boxes
  6. You’ve ever had to meet a friend coming over at the guard tower to escort them on base
  7. You have a handful of nice outfits to wear to retirements, change of commands, parades, and other fancy events that you wear every time.
  8. Someone says that they’ve been living in one house their entire life, you gasp
  9. You’re used to transferring schools?
  10. You watch the Army vs. Navy game… every year.
  11. A lot of the time, you don’t really know what your parent does at work…
  12. Somewhere in your home you have a decorative accent that says: “American by birth, (Marine, Cadet, Airman, etc.) by choice.”
  13. You find yourself occasionally humming your branches hymn …from the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…
  14. When you tell possible dates your parents military position, their eyes widen in fear (Especially if you’re a girl!)
  15. Someone asks where you got a top or cute shoes and you say “Oh, the Exchange” you then have to explain what the Exchange is – “It’s basically like military target but with no tax and uniforms”
  16. You’re shocked by the prices at Giant and Safeway. Commissary is where it’s at!!
  17. You’re angry if your school doesn’t have off on Veterans day
  18. On the branch’s founding date, you always say “Happy Birthday” to your parent
  19. Your family is your closest group of friends
  20. And you wouldn’t change any of it for the world.
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