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Herrick Ross, Marine Corps Veteran In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 8th, we …

Marine Infantry Unit Leader MOS

Herrick Ross, Marine Corps Veteran

In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, May 8th, we asked Herrick Ross, a member of Team Sandboxx and 22-year Marine Corps veteran to share the top five reasons why he loves his military spouse. We recommend you grab a tissue…. 🙂

Being a military spouse is by no means a task for the faint hearted. For all the training that service members do, there is no specialized training to prepare the spouse for what’s to come. However, they are tested every day that their service member is on active duty. While some may rise to the challenge faster than others, there is no doubt that regardless of generation or military service, each military spouse is considered a force multiplier for their service member.

My military spouse and I met while I was trying to recruit her to join the Marine Corps. She said no and that was the beginning of my sales pitch. I dazzled her with my Marine Corps Dress Blues and when she allowed me to escort her to a Marine Corps Ball in Atlanta Georgia, she was sold. The power of the uniform swayed her to commit, however it is the fellowship with the military community that convinced her to stay. A seasoned spouse would tell anyone looking to join the military spouses club to be ready for some very hard times like deployments, career stagnation and worldwide travel. If you are able to handle these factors, you will be truly rewarded by your service member with gratitude and support beyond any like you’ve experienced before. It is for that very reason that I’ve fashioned the top five reasons I love my military spouse.

Number 5:  She looks AMAZING in a ball gown and still captures my breath with her eyes.

Number 4:  She does not get offended when I add hot sauce to my dinner because she understands that years of eating MREs has given me an acquired tastes for the spicy stuff.

Number 3:  She has given me two retirement plans called daughters and shows them by example how a strong woman can be a wife, mother and independent.

Number 2:  She’s great with my finances because every toy I want, she finds us a way to get it….yeah 65inch LED smart TV.

Number 1: No matter where on Earth I may be deployed, I know she’s there when I get back. She’s where I call home.

I love my military spouse and even though she’s not in uniform, she is my Commander in Chief.

About Herrick

Herrick Ross is a 22-year veteran of the Marine Corps and currently resides in the DC region.  He and his wife have been Married 13 years.

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