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Thank Me Thursday – Slay Session #13

SlaySession #13: Thrash 'n Thanks...
military workout sweat and be grateful

Why sure, I have no problem giving you something to thank me for. It should be lots of fun, (pause for effect) for me to know how much pain you’ll be in. Sweat is the fuel of life… Always be willing to grow!


Push-ups – 15 four count  ( Twice)
– 30 yds, switch half way (Twice)
1/4 Mile jog
– 50% speed
Bear Crawl – 20 yards (Twice)


Knee to Elbow Push-ups – Knee to Elbow both Legs and then a Push-Up.  Do a set of 15 (Three Times)

40 Yd Prone to Sprints – Just like it sounds (10 Times)

Kettle Bell Diagonal Lunges – Keep Kettle Bell in the center of your chest, and do 15 per leg (Three Times)

Burpee Pull-ups –  Max Reps (4 Times)

Bicycle Crunches – Four count fully extended 20 reps (Three times)

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

Find some stairs that don’t look fun to run up, and run up them 3 times.

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