Terrible Thursday – SlaySession #14

SlaySession #14: Terrible Thursday Workout...
military workout sweat is just fat crying

Terrible starts with a T, just like Thursday does. Get it, see what I did there? Time to get to the Terrible part… and you’re welcome. Sweat is the fuel of life… Always be willing to grow!


Frankensteins– 15 yds (Three Times)
Inch Worms
– 15 yds (Four Times)
Split Jack Forward
–  15 4 count (Three Times)
Donkey Kicks– 20 yds (Four Times)


8 Count Body Builders w/ Burpee – 20 Total (Twice)

17 mins of jogging at 65% speed – Distance doesn’t matter. What matters is that as soon as your done you go right into the next workout.

Inch Worm w/ Push-ups – 10 yards there and back ( Twice)

Burpee Suicides – Exactly how it sounds… Amazing. Your goal is to reach the 25 yard line and back doing a total of 10 burpees with the traditional suicides.

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)
Give yourself some time to catch your breath first. Do 15 – 8 Count Body Builders w/ Burpees, and then go right into a Burpee Suicide except this time go for 30 yards and 12 burpees.

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