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SlayBodies #11 – Taco Tuesday

SlaySession #11: When You Want a Treat, But You Need to Earn It...
military workout earn your treats

It’s Tuesday, and I wanted TACOS. So I made my workout hard enough to support my lack of discipline. Sweat is the fuel of life… Always be willing to grow!


Stationary Squats – 13 four count (Twice)
Long Striders
– 12 yds (Three Times)
Bear Crawl
– 15 yards (Twice)
Highland Fling – 14 four counts (Twice)


Pull-up with a Knee Raise – Max set of how many you can do. (Five Times)

1/4 Mile Sprints – Start the first lap at 70%. Increase your speed by roughly 5% every lap until your last 1/4 mile is at 100%. Take a 2 min break between each lap.

Full Extension Bicycle Crunch – 10 reps (Five Times)

Star Jump Burpees – 10 four count Burpees with a Star Jumper at the top (Three Times)

Explosive Push-Ups –  15 reps (5 Times)

Fogle’s Pyramid – This is a submission by an enlisted candidate who wanted to help me spread the sweat. So Corey Fogle, lets see what you got. You start out with 2, there are three workouts pull ups, push ups and sit ups. You take the number your on (2) and multiply it by 1 for pull ups so you do 2 pull ups. Then you multiply the number of pull-ups you did by 2 for push ups so 4 push ups. Do the same for sit-ups and multiply your push-ups by 3 for sit ups so you do 6 sit ups. 1 x 2 x 3 method.

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

Go eat some taco’s, and thank me for making you pay with sweat so you don’t feel as guilty for being nasty.

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