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Military gifts: The ultimate gift guide featuring veteran companies

To help you find the perfect gift for your service member this year we have …


To help you find the perfect gift for your service member this year we have created the ultimate Military Gifts guide featuring all Veteran companies. So let the shopping begin, and thank you for supporting Veteran- Owned businesses this holiday season.

Military Gifts : Coffee

As the saying goes – our military runs on coffee, and what better coffee to give than a veteran-owned roast. There are a lot of Veteran companies roasting up coffee beans that not only provide your service member with a great cup of joe, but also support some great causes at the same time. Below are some veteran-owned coffee companies you should consider.

Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee is an Army veteran-owned company. They love to make coffee for people who love America. With every purchase made, Black Rifle gives back to veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. They offer a variety of different roasts to bring life to your service member.

For a 10% military discount, use the GovX ID link at checkout.


Coffee Subscription


BRCC Bundle

GI Joe Coffee

GI Joe Coffee is Veteran-owned and operated with a mission to bring people coffee and products that make a difference. Consumers become supporters of crucial Veteran programs, even by purchasing coffee mugs, T-shirts, calendars and more. The company puts a percentage of each purchase toward veteran causes.


A 5 lb bag of coffee

Bonjour Classic Roast Coffee

Alpha Coffee

Alpha Coffee was founded by a combat veteran, who served for 21 years, and his wife. Their cause is to give back to the military and veteran community through coffee. A portion of each batch they roast is sent to deployed troops. You can also choose to donate on their website.

Get a 10% military and first responder discount on all coffee and gear through their website.


Donate Coffee

Alpha Coffee Gear

E- Gift Card

Fire Department Coffee

Fire Department Coffee is a veteran-owned business roasting fresh coffee in Rockford, Il. The company consists of firefighters, first responders and coffee connoisseurs. They have a number of different types of coffee as well as a Coffee of the Month Club. They also sell other products such as shirts, mugs and stickers.

Members of the military can use code MIL15 for 15% off of their purchase.


Coffee of the Month Club

FDC T-shirt

FDC Coffee Pods

Military Gifts : Self Care

At the end of the day, all our service members really need are the daily essentials; soap, deodorant, lotion, face/body scrubs, etc. Instead of getting them the traditional brands they might get on their own, splurge on some items from Veteran-Owned Businesses.

Johnny Slicks

Johnny Slicks was founded by a Marine who realized the ingredients in his hair products weren’t good or clean. So, he decided to create his own line of handcrafted grooming products with better ingredients. Products range from hair, beard, beach care, Beast Wash and fragrances. Check out their grooming guide on their website.

View their available discounts here.


Beard Oil

Hand Whipped Beard Wash


Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon’s mission is to create superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. Their products are tested by soldiers, not boy bands, and they are all made in the USA. They feature products such as soap, deodorant, shampoo, beard oil and so much more. Each year they donate 5% of their net profits to causes that benefit veterans and active duty military.

For military or first responders, use the GovX ID link at checkout for a discount.


The Thick 70

Big Ass Brick of Soap

Bloody Knuckles Hand Balm

Stubble and ‘Stache

Stubble and ‘Stache was started by a Marine Corps veteran who had grown a beard in honor of a friend who died in Afghanistan. Unable to find good products for his new beard, he decided to create his own. The company sells premium beard oil and other “manly” grooming products. Wanting to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, they donate a portion of profits to charities supporting PTSD, depression and other mental wounds.


Softening Beard Oil

Beard Moisturizer

Hydrate: Daily Facial + Beard Moisturizer

Doc Spartan

Doc Spartan, a veteran founded company, sells all-natural products geared toward people who participate in high-intensity exercises or activities, including hygiene products and deodorant. They also work with local organizations to support recovery from drug addiction and stimulate their local economy.


Men’s/Women’s Starter Kit

Armpit Armor 

BadAss Chick Scrub

Military Gifts : Apparel and Accessories

When your service member isn’t in uniform you’re sure to find them showing off their style in their civilian attire. Help them add to their closet with these veteran apparel and accessory companies they’re sure to enjoy.

R. Riveter

R. Riveter is a company founded by two military spouses, selling purses, totes, accessories, and home goods. Every bag is crafted by different Military Spouse Riveters, providing military spouses employment opportunities and create a greater sense of mission.


Crossbody bag


Military Branch Bracelet

Sword & Plough

Sword and Plough is a veteran-owned business founded by an Army Officer and her sister, that makes one of a kind bags and accessories out of repurposed military surplus and durable military-grade materials. With items for males and females, you’re sure to find something your service member will be able to get a lot of use out of as well.

As an added bonus, every purchase made helps Sword and Plough empower veteran employment and reduce waste. In addition, they donate 10% of profits to impactful veteran initiatives.

For a 20% military discount, use the Verify ID link at checkout.


Travel Kit

Signature Tote Bag

Signature Rucksack

Recon Rings

Recon Rings were created to avoid “ring avulsion,” an injury that occurs when a ring catches on an object and is forcefully pulled off the finger. These are silicone wedding rings that stretch and break when snagged, which avoids ring injuries. They were designed to survive harsh military environments, and cost less than $20 each.

For a 15% military discount, use the GovX ID link at checkout.


Mens Silicone Ring

Woman’s Silicone Ring

Recon T-Shirt

Alpha Outpost

A veteran owned company that provides excellent outdoor gear to your doorstep every month. Or, if you don’t want to subscribe monthly, you can purchase past boxes individually.

Use the code SANDBOXX to receive 15% off any of our past boxes. Minimum purchase of $5.


Monthly subscription

Past box (one time gift)

Go Ruck

GORUCK was founded by a Green Beret, selling tough gear, apparel and footwear that is durable enough for the most extreme fitness activities. They also host over 1,000 events a year lead by combat veterans to build teams and empower individuals.

For a 15% military, first responder, teacher, government, or student discount use the ID.ME link at checkout.


Rucker 3.0

Ruck Plate Carrier 2.0


Imminent Threat Solutions

Imminent Threat Solutions makes tactical gear such as packs, patches, trauma kits, modular pouches, t-shirts and more. Their website also hosts an online community of users that provides knowledge to empower individuals with indispensable skill-sets to explore their world and prevail against all threats.


ETA Trauma Kit Pouch (Fatboy)

Nylon Zip Bag (Medical Edition)



Red Oxx is a veteran owned and operated company founded by Jim Markel. Markel created weight training accessories that are hand crafted in Montana, such as backpacks, totes and duffles. From the backyard to the Outback, Red Oxx Bags are Designed to Last a Lifetime.


2020 Love List

C.C. Rider

-Booty Boss


-Maximum utility travel tote

-The Hound

-BARK Dog Leash


Virtus is a veteran owned outdoor apparel company that embodies the ideals of both martial courage and commitment in making products that are famous for excellence. They have tested tactical and extreme outdoor gear for decades with an elite team of Special Forces operators, active duty military personnel, professional riflemen, archers, outdoorsmen, professional athletes and emergency responders; the best of the best.


VOG Tacbag

Astreas Jacket

Helios Jacket

Ranger Up

Ranger Up is a veteran owned and operated clothing company that sells t-shirts for every branch of the armed forces and was established to help its founders stay connected with the military community. Since then, the company has rapidly grown their product line as well as their community.


Military/Veteran apparel

Best Selling Funny T-shirt

Christmas T-Shirts

Leatherneck 4 Life

A veteran owned and operated company dedicated to offering the Marine community with a great selection of Marine related apparel and accessories.


Hoodie or Crewneck

Performance Apparel

Alumni Collection

Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line Apparel was founded for patriots by patriots, and are determined to ensure the survival of liberty and true American values. As a life-style brand, Nine Line Apparel aims to reinvigorate the sense of patriotism and national pride in our society. They sell t-shirts, outerwear, accessories and more.

Join their email list & Get 10% Off.


Shop New Arrivals

Shop Homeware

Stocking Stuffers

Additional Veteran Companies


Rumi was founded by a team of U.S. Army veterans who sought to cultivate peace in Afghanistan by connecting Afghan farmers with the global market. They offer gift sets, as well as gift boxes, that are perfect for the holidays.

Use code HOLIDAY20 to receive 20% off of orders $100+ or use code HOLIDAY15 to receive 15% off of orders $40+.


Holiday Gift Sets

Spice Blends (Corriander)

Shop Stocking Stuffers

Glass Beach Mugs

Glass Beach Mugs was founded by Reserve Marine Colonel Turk McCleskey  and (then) Reserve U.S. Army Captain Paul Balassa. They make replicas of the WWI-era mug used in Marine Corps mess halls based on fragments found near Glass Beach, Cuba.


The 1917 Centennial Watch Mug

Flags of Valor

Flags of Valor is a veteran owned company that crafts rustic wooden American flags that are all made by veterans.


Flag Build Kit

Liberty Series – Wooden American Flag

A Personalized Flag

Combat Flip Flops

Does your service member wear flip flops year round? Then Combat Flip Flops are the perfect gift for them. Combat Flip Flops was founded by two Army Rangers who served in Afghanistan. Their flip flops are made with military-grade nylon, proprietary rubber and customizable morale patches. Their mission is to put people to work in places that have been damaged due to war, and where people need jobs to avoid working for the “bad guys.” A portion of each purchase is put toward the education of marginalized Afghan women and girls.

Sign up with their email list and receive 20% OFF Your First Order


Men’s AK-47

Women’s Floperator – Shadow

Floperator Patch Set

Battle Archives

Does your service member love history? Then gift them a piece of it that they can display in their barracks, home, or office. Battle Archives is a veteran owned company that sells iconic battle maps from American history. They use the highest quality archival/museum grade paper to deliver the best quality products. They have maps drawn up in conflicts from Bunker Hill to Iwo Jima to Baghdad.


Best Selling Battle Map

An Exchange Gift Card

Still unsure of what to get for your service member? Although it may not seem like the greatest of gifts, your service member will need to purchase a lot of items from the Exchange throughout their career. The small odds and ends items they need can really add up. The Exchange gift card is not only an easy to purchase gift, but also a very practical and much-appreciated gift. You will never go wrong with an Exchange Gift Card.

You can shop Exchange gift cards on the Sandboxx Shop.

Still need more help coming up with the perfect gift for your Soldier? Here are some additional military gift ideas.

The editorial team at Sandboxx.