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Mad Dog Maniacs – SlaySession #19

This one goes out to our new SecDef Gen. Mad Dog Mattis. I pulled out …


This one goes out to our new SecDef Gen. Mad Dog Mattis.

I pulled out an old one from a database known as my Father’s wise philosophies, “Excuses are like @$$holes, everyone has one.”


(note: Every exercise will be done with Knife Hands in honor of Chaos Actual)

Carioca – 10 yds then twist and face opposite direction finishing 10 more yds (Twice) (better be doing knife hands)

Forward Lunges – 15 yds (Twice) (I don’t care how awkward it is… do the knife hands)

Side Straddle Hops – 15 four count (Twice) (this one should be easy)

Push-Ups – 15 four count (Three Times) (common practice to us knife hands anyway on this one)



Mad Crunches – (Bicycle style… because Mattis isn’t a style, he’s a War Dog) 15 four count (three times) (even with your hands behind your head they better be knife hands)

1/4 Mile Sprints – (aka Mattis’ max effective knife hand range) Start the first lap at 70%. Increase your speed by roughly 5% every lap until your last 1/4 mile is at 100%. Take a 2 min break between each lap ( yes it looks weird… no I don’t care… knife hands)

Mattis Worms – (aka inch worms) 10 yards out and 10 yards back (three times)

Earth Presses – (Mattis doesn’t do push ups he does Earth Presses) 15 four count (three times)

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

Mattis Research – the extra bonus is to go read his bio and know that America will be safe!

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