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15 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Military-Style (aka Solo)

Valentine’s Day is coming.  For couples in military relationships, holidays can be a particularly trying …


Valentine’s Day is coming. 

For couples in military relationships, holidays can be a particularly trying time as you’re more often apart than together for those specially marked calendar days.

If you’re in a military relationship, there’s a good chance you’ll experience Valentine’s Day alone thanks to a deployment or other military obligation. If not this year, then sometime in the near future you may. Preparing in advance for the #1 couple holiday of the year can help you cope better once the lovey-dovey day arrives, especially if you’ll be alone.

You might be wondering, “How do I spend Valentine’s Day alone?” 

The answer? However you want. Just don’t forget to drop a Valentine in the mail or via Sandboxx for your deployed service member. 

Here’s a look at 15 ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day alone:

1. Buy Yourself a Bouquet

(Megan Markham on Unsplash)

Who doesn’t love flowers? Brighten your mood and your favorite room in the house with a bouquet of flowers. If your farmers market is open for the season, make a special day trip of it and purchase a bouquet from your local farmer.

2. Go to the Spa

(Logan Stone via Unsplash)

Self-care tends to fall by the wayside often. Because, you know, life. Check out a local spa that gets good reviews and book yourself an appointment. Whether you want a massage, facial, or another spa service, book it now and go show your body some love! 

3. Take Yourself to Dinner

(Brenan Green via Unsplash)

You don’t have to do this on Valentine’s Day if it will make you sad to see couples out, but you should book yourself a solo reservation at a fancy restaurant. If you love the restaurant, write a review and send it to your deployed service member. Don’t forget to take some pics of the food presentation, too! 

4. Enjoy a Shopping Spree

shopping spree for valentine's day

Is retail therapy the best therapy for you? If so, pull out some cash and head to your favorite store. Just be sure to discuss it with your other half if you share a banking account so they aren’t surprised by the charges!

5. Head to the Gym 

(Danielle Cerullo via Unsplash)

If you want to lift yourself out of the doldrums that surround Valentine’s Day, get a sweat session in. Studies show that aerobic exercise increases oxytocin, the feel-good “love” hormone. 

6. Revel in a Solo Coffee Shop Date

pouring coffee

Love a good cup of joe? Head to your favorite local java joint for a solo coffee date. Catch up on some reading, people watch, or just savor the time alone and daydream about when you’ll next be with your service member. 

7. Take a Hiking Adventure

woman hiking solo

If you’re feeling the Valentine’s Day blues, head outside. The outdoors are good for the soul. In fact, study after study shows that being in nature can elevate mood and even reduces blood pressure. Can’t get outside for a hike or stroll in nature? Viewing images of nature can be equally as soothing. 

8. See an Afternoon Matinee


Head to the cinemas for an afternoon of relaxing entertainment. There’s something about going to an actual theater instead of Netflixing on the couch. Go catch the latest flick on a random afternoon in one of those luxury theaters that serves wine while you recline in a chair.

9. Create Your Own Dessert Tray

valentine's day cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to enjoy some decadent desserts. If you’re always full by the time you get around to dessert time at fine dining restaurants, now is the time to eat dessert first. Create your own sampler tray full of goodies. Don’t want to eat it alone? Invite some friends over and share! 

10. Enjoy a Bubble Bath

bubble bath with candle and tea

Is there anything more relaxing at the end of a long day than soaking in a tub? Light some candles, turn on some soft music and take a soak. Add your favorite bath bomb or Epsom salts for an ultra-relaxing bathing experience that will let your worries float away.

11. Buy Yourself a Nice Gift

brown paper gift wrapped in ribbon

When your significant other is far away working hard on a deployment, it may seem unfair to purchase a luxury gift while they work 24/7. Skip the guilt and head to the store to buy yourself something nice that they might have gotten for you for V-Day. Shop for what you want and enjoy it!

12. Order Yourself Fancy Chocolates

(Amirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash)

Chocolates are basically synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Go ahead, buy yourself some. In moderation, dark chocolate is actually good for you. Not a chocolate fan? Find another heart-shaped treat you love and indulge. 

13. Book a “Couples” Massage 

massage session in action

Massages are a great way to unwind and relieve muscle tension. If the deployment tension has your shoulders in knots, it’s time for a professional massage. Ask your military bestie whose other half is also deployed to go with you. Consider booking a “couples” massage at your favorite local spa. It will give you a chance to bond and relax together so you don’t miss your deployed Valentines as much. 

14. Sleep in or Nap 

(Gregory Pappas via Unsplash)

Sleep is often seen as a luxury, but it really is a must for a healthy body and mind. If you’re normally up early, considering hitting the snooze button during Valentine’s Day weekend. Or, plan a cat nap to rejuvenate yourself. 

15. Mark An Item Off Your Bucket List 

(Glenn Carstens Peters via Unsplash)

A “solo” Valentine’s Day military-style allows you the freedom to spend your time how you want without having to consult your other half. Take a look at your bucket list to see what you’ve always wanted to do that your loved one wouldn’t necessarily enjoy. Then, go do it. If your service member knows about your bucket list item, be sure to fill them in on your experience after you do it. They’ll love knowing you were doing an activity you’re passionate about instead of being sad about their absence. 


Valentine’s Day is Just One Day in Your Military Relationship

marine looks at girlfriend adoringly

As hard as it may be to bypass the hearts, cards, and Valentine’s Day decor in the store without tearing up, just remember the holiday is only 24 hours. 

If your loved one is deployed, on duty, temporary assignment, or another military adventure, think about the holidays you have spent together. Then, start planning ahead for your next holiday you know you’ll be together and how you can make it special. 

This holiday can feel lonely. That’s okay. Feel all the feels, but also go out and do a fun activity for yourself. It will make the day pass by a whole lot faster, especially if you don’t get a chance to connect with your loved one due to schedule conflicts. 

We hope this list gives you some ideas to kickstart brainstorming your solo Valentine’s Day plans. Try them all or modify the ideas as you see fit. However you decide to spend your day, focus on self-care and self-love! 

Above all, know that the team here at Sandboxx sends you and your service member lots of love for serving our country! 

What are your favorite ways to indulge in self-care? How do you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day military-style? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

 Feature image courtesy of PXFuel

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