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Watch: Israeli Navy SEALs recapture base from Hamas terrorists

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Shayetet 13 commandos recapture base

Editor’s Note: The video included in this article includes minor graphic imagery.

The war between Israel and Hamas continues to unfold almost three weeks after the terrorist attacks that shook the world.

Footage and accounts continue to emerge from the horrific events of that weekend. The Israelis were caught completely off guard, and several bases were overrun by the Hamas terrorists.

It took the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) days to completely clear the southern part of the country from Hamas terrorists. Israeli special operations forces spearheaded the operations.

Recently, the Israeli Defense Ministry released footage from the GoPro cameras of Israeli Navy SEALs as they entered and cleared a military facility that had been overrun.

Israeli Navy SEALs in action

Following the terrorist attacks across southern Israel, IDF published rare footage of the elite I – Israel’s equivalent of the U.S. Navy SEALs – recapturing the Sufa military post along the border with Gaza from Hamas terrorists.

Just over one minute long, the video shows the Israeli special operators engaged in fierce close-quarters combat with the Hamas terrorists before clearing the base.

The Shayetet 13 is the elite special operations unit of the Israeli Navy and specializes in direct action, counterterrorism, hostage rescue, and maritime special operations. The unit often trains with its U.S. special operations counterparts, including Navy SEALs and the Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) operators.

We can make out some interesting tidbits from the released video.

The Israeli frogmen were ready for everything, even carrying portable anti-tank rockets to take out entrenched Hamas positions. Moreover, the Israeli Navy SEALs are very well trained, maintaining muzzle discipline even at the most stressful moments when they are getting shot at by the Hamas terrorists. Additionally, they were ready for lengthy operations, as can be seen by their night vision goggles (the operation took place in the afternoon). In terms of prisoner handling, they showcased professionalism despite the extreme circumstances. Overall, the video shows why Shayetet 13 is considered one of the best special operations units in the region.

Meanwhile, the situation in Gaza continues to be extremely volatile, with the risk of a wider regional conflict looming in the background.

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A dissolving situation

Israeli tanks northern Gaza
Israeli main battle tanks and engineering vehicles operating in northern Gaza. According to IDF, the Israeli forces operated in northern Gaza in preparation for the next stages of combat. The Israeli forces have since returned to Israel, the IDF said. (IDF)

Almost three weeks after the Hamas attacks, the situation in Israel and Gaza continues to dissolve.

The death toll from Hamas’ attacks has risen to 1,400 Israelis killed and over 4,500 wounded. Thousands of innocent Palestinians have been killed and wounded in the crossfire following the attacks as well. The Israeli Air Force has conducted thousands of airstrikes against Gaza.

The Israeli Defense Forces are getting ready for a ground invasion in Gaza, which would only increase the death toll and suffering on both sides.

As a result, Israeli special operations forces might soon be called upon to perform one of the toughest mission sets in any environment – hostage rescue.

Hamas holds over 220 hostages in its expansive underground network in Gaza. The Israeli military hasn’t conducted any hostage rescue attempts yet, likely trying to secure their release through negotiations first. But that isn’t given. The Hamas terrorists have had years to prepare for the attack and have likely spread the hostages all across Gaza in an attempt to complicate any hostage rescue attempts.

In the event Tel Aviv decides to send forces into Gaza, the Shayetet 13 would be joined by their army brethren, the elite General Staff Reconnaissance Unit, or Sayeret Matkal, to conduct some of the most difficult hostage rescue operations in the history of special operations.

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