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Need to stay connected?
With Muster, we've got your six.

We’ve got the tech. You’ve got the connection. Ease the transition for your recruits and increase retention with open lines of secure communication Muster, the latest addition to the Sandboxx family of tools.

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Why Muster?

You already know and trust Sandboxx.

Keeping you connected and communicating with your recruits through basic training has been boosting the morale of service members for more than 8 years. Now, let us make your job easier by providing you with tools to communicate with your recruits from the moment they muster in.

As a Recruiter

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Manage Prospects

Manage recruits so you can meet your goals. We’ll flag recruits who are missing items and may be prone to drop-out.

Message individual recruits, groups and more. Alert them directly on their mobile devices with automatic notifications.

Manage Prospects

Tailored content and resources to equip you to be the best recruiter you can be.

As a Recruit

Prepare for Basic Training

Mentally and physically prepare for the battles that lie ahead at basic training. We have everything from training guides, packing lists, and more.

Direct Access to Recruiters

Directly communicate with your Recruiter and make sure you have all the prerequisites completed before you ship.

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Built to be Secure


Security and Compliance


Encryption for all Data

Data sent to and from our servers is encrypted with TLS/SSL with authentication devices for client and server-side

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Secure and Distributed Infrastructure

Your data is saved on our distributed infrastructure using AES 256, and we also offer dedicated server instances

Frequently Asked Questions

About Muster

How secure is Muster?

Muster utilizes the most modern security protocols and encryption. We have regular third-party security audits and additionally have built-in spam filtering and content flags.

Why should I use Muster vs. other communication platforms?

Muster was built with the direct feedback from recruiters, commands and recruits. Not only do we offer the same functionality as other apps, we have built-in tools and content tailor-made for you. We’re continuing to improve Muster and if you have any feedback and/or suggestions we’re happy to hear them. Contact our team at

How do I get started?

Simply create an account on Sandboxx as a Military Service Member. If you have any questions along the way or run into any issues contact our team at


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