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Connecting those who serve,
with those they love.

Our Mission

Sandboxx connects our military community, making service members and
their supporters more mission-ready than ever before.

For Supporters

Send a Letter

With more than 10 million letters sent to loved ones, Sandboxx delivers military mail with the click of a button. We take care of printing, packaging, and mailing, ensuring that your message reaches them, no matter where they are stationed.

For Recruits

Personalized Connection and Preparing for Success

Feel close to family and friends with letters and photos, and get prepared before you ship. From workout plans to boot camp insights, use Sandboxx to stay connected and get ready for military service.

For Military Commands

Enhanced Communication and Training Support

We empower military commands with enhanced communication capabilities. Use Sandboxx to stay connected with your service members and their families to ensure vital information reaches those who need it.

Sandboxx helps you improve readiness and ensure effective communication within your command.

See How Sandboxx Works For You

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