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We’re making an impact in service members lives, and we want you to join.

Our Mission

Sandboxx connects our military community, making service members and their supporters more mission-ready than ever before.

Developed by veterans with decades of service, we are an application for the United States Military. Our initial product, Sandboxx Letters, digitized the time-consuming processes of sending physical letters to those at basic training. Each year, 225,000+ young men and women join the Military. We support more than 70% of this recruit pipeline via our Letters product and in-app basic training preparation content.



Base compensation at Sandboxx is determined by factors like market value of roles, cost-of-living adjustments, and internal equity.  Overall, we have a very competitive total compensation package which includes guaranteed stock options, company-paid healthcare, and various stipends that demonstrate our commitment to valuing people.


We care about our employees, and their mental and physical health is a huge part of that.  Our benefits package includes nation-wide medical, dental, and vision insurance that covers 99% of the employee plan and 75% of family plans.  We also contribute to HSAs and give employees an annual stipend to use for their overall wellness.

Work/Life Balance

We are a remote company with employees across 23 states with headquarters located in the heart of Arlington, VA.  No matter where you are, Sandboxx allows a flexible work schedule that best fits your needs, which means you get to decide where you work.  Additionally, we have an unlimited PTO policy with eleven (11) company paid holidays to ensure optimum work/life balance.

Rewarding Career

You’ll have the opportunity to make an impact in our company. Working for a start up allows you to do things you’ve never done before, learn new skills and grow your career as we get more successful. We are a close-knit group that wants to do good by doing good and support our service members.


We offer an annual wellness stipend for employees for their physical or mental well-being which can be used for gym memberships, massages, 5K registration fees, or even exercise equipment!  At Sandboxx, we know each person is different, so employees get to decide how to use their stipend that best fits their wellness needs.

Learning and Development

We offer an annual learning and development stipend for employees to use for their professional development at Sandboxx.  If there is an opportunity to improve your work, increase a skill set, or learn something new then we want to facilitate and empower our employees’ career development by allowing them to take classes, buy some books, or go to a conference!

What Our Team Has To Say

“Working for Sandboxx allows me the freedom to carry my career with me no matter where the Marine Corps sends us, something that is very hard to come by as a military spouse.”

What Our Team Has To Say

“There is something special that happens when you bring a group of smart and passion-driven people together under one north star. My favorite thing about working at Sandboxx is watching the organization sail in its direction.”

What Our Team Has To Say

“My favorite thing about working at Sandboxx, is the direct positive impact that we make on our military community. Hearing the stories about how our product made a difference for a family and their loved one never gets old.”

What Our Team Has To Say

“What I love about working at Sandboxx can really be summed up by Sam’s motto, Do good by doing good. At Sandboxx, the company’s leadership takes doing the right thing seriously, but more importantly, the company offers an environment where team members from every level can speak up and have their voices be heard when they have ideas, questions, or concerns.”