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Paul from Sandboxx back with this week’s training updates.

Training Week Nine Intel

If your recruit wasn’t tested on their marksmanship skills in week eight, they will begin their week with this test in field week. If they’ve already completed this, your recruit will begin week nine with Field Week, which begins very early in the morning. This week is intended to teach recruits the skills they need to complete their missions as U.S. Marines. The skills they will learn during Field Week are those that set Marines apart from all other foreign militaries, teaching them how to work together as a team to accomplish any mission. Below is a brief overview of some of the classes recruits will go through for Field Week.

Camouflage, Cover and Concealment

Recruits are taught the basics of how to apply camouflage as well as what objects can provide concealment and cover.

Land Navigation

Recruits will learn how to use a Lensatic Compass, how to read maps and identify man-made vs natural terrain features, plotting points on a map, estimating ranges, and more. The goal is to teach recruits the fundamentals of land navigation, making them inherently proficient in finding direction, reading maps and plotting courses.  They’ll expand on their knowledge and navigation skills throughout their career in the Marine Corps.

Additionally recruits will learn how to maneuver under enemy fire using verbal and nonverbal communication in order to maintain a stealthy mindset.

Each of these classes is essential to their overall success not only at boot camp but throughout their career.

To finish off the week, your recruit will have their final Combat Fitness Test (CFT) and final written exam too. Both the CFT and the final written exam are graduation requirements.

Your recruit has one of their biggest weeks ahead of them, as they’re set to head off to the Confidence Chamber (don’t be alarmed – we’ll explain next week) as well as the Crucible.

Include a few words of encouragement in your letter so that they go into week ten feeling confident.

I’ll be back before you know it to kick off Phase Four, stay tuned.

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis