San Diego

Welcome to week six, friends and family. Your recruit has a pretty tough week in store for them, so be sure to show your support in your next letter 💌!

Training Week Six Intel

Week six kicks off with their next PFT and Bayonet Assault Course, which is a simulated course that produces an environment similar to what they would experience being in combat. This allows the recruits to get used to loud noises and obstacles that are typical in real life versions of this scenario, and also helps them gain confidence using their rifle. They’ll also partake in pugil stick battles again.

Next, your recruit will take a written exam 📝 on all of the Marine Corps and military-related knowledge that they have absorbed up until this point. We’re sure they will ace it!

MCMAP testing also takes place this week.  Successfully completing MCMAP testing is a graduation requirement so wish your recruit luck!

Once the testing is complete, your recruit will receive their orders for what’s to come after boot camp. Once your recruit is a Marine and graduation has passed, they will have 10 days of leave before reporting to the School of Infantry (SOI).

After receiving their orders, your recruit will go through a Series Commander inspection, in which they’ll be tested on everything they’ve learned in recruit training. This will include Marine Corps knowledge, parts of the uniforms and rifle manual, as well as their overall ability to have a confident conversation with an officer.

Last, they will have a final drill, where the Senior Drill Instructor will inspect the entire platoon and make sure that they are nothing but perfect. After this is complete, they will move to Edson Range on Camp Pendleton in preparation for grass week. Although recruits will be leaving MCRD for Camp Pendleton which is about 45 minutes north. Rest assured, they will still receive the letters you’ve sent them through Sandboxx.

Make sure you send a letter 💌 today – and another one a few days later –lined up for your recruit this week so they know they have your support before they head into Grass Week next week.

If you need a topic idea 💡, ask them about the job that they’ve been assigned once boot camp is over and they head to SOI.

I’ll be back soon to tell you all about the start of Week 7, or Grass Week 🌱, which also marks the first week of Phase III.

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis