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Paul from Sandboxx here, this time to tell you about your recruit’s first breakthrough week, as promised.

Training Week Three Intel

Week three is considered a breakthrough week for your recruit because this is when they really begin to adjust more to the environment, stress and expectations required from them at boot camp.

Your recruit will start learning about the fundamentals of Close Order Drill (COD), the purpose of which is to instill discipline, confidence, and “esprit de corps,” or a sense of pride for the group working together as a platoon. They’ll also partake in Combat Conditioning.

Your recruit will continue academic classes to learn about the customs and courtesies of the Marine Corps. This includes the official motto of the Corps, “Semper Fidelis,” which means always faithful in Latin, and learning about the significance of the Marine Corps emblem, which includes an eagle, globe and anchor.

Next, your recruit will have their first Senior Drill Instructor inspection, where their DI will test them on their uniforms and basic Marine Corps knowledge. This inspection is designed to see how the recruits maintain themselves under pressure and in a stressful environment.

After their inspection, your recruit will endure another 2.5 mile strength and endurance course. As you can tell, physical fitness is incredibly important in the Marine Corps! Finally, they, along with the rest of their platoon, will go through their first initial drill, the purpose of which is to test the “esprit de corps” they’ve learned in Close Order Drill training.

In your letter 💌 to your recruit this week, ask them about the obstacles they faced in the Confidence Course, or how their first Senior Drill Inspection went, and if they were able to get through the exercises without many mistakes.

Last, your recruit will head to the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) on Wednesday of next week. The Exchange is a store on base where your recruit will be able to pick up any supplies that they may need, at better prices than you’d find off base.

You can send a MCX gift card to your recruit in your next letter! 💳 They’ll be able to get what they need without worrying about how to pay for it. You’ll see the option to add a gift card to your next letter before confirming your letter. 💌

I’ll be back next week to teach you about the final week of Phase I!

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis