MCRD San Diego

Welcome back to week 2 of Marine Corps boot camp. If you thought your recruit would slowly ease into things at MCRD San Diego, you are mistaken. With only twelve weeks of training there is a lot to get done, and recruits will remain busy throughout the duration of their time here.

Training Week Two Intel

During week two, your recruit will continue their training in the MCMAP (which stands for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, in case you’ve forgotten). The philosophy of this program is “one mind any weapon,” which means that Marines are armed with a combat mindset, and the ability to assess and act. Going through this involves learning the three main disciplines that define a true warrior: mental, or understanding the art of war and the history behind it; character, or instilling the core values of the Marine Corps, and stressing the importance of camaraderie, self-discipline, confidence, and decision making; and physical, or the specific fighting techniques for combat fighting.

Your recruit will have their first pugil stick battle this week, too, in which they spar with other recruits using padded sticks that look like giant Q-tips. These battles prepare the recruits for hand-to-hand combat, and help build confidence when they confront challenges. They will also start their bayonet training, allowing them to use their rifles in close combat.

Be sure to ask your recruit about their progress in the MCMAP in your letter to your recruit this week.

To conclude the week, your recruit will start an intense physical training regimen with more obstacle course training as well as strength and endurance training. They will also take part in interval training and more combat care courses.

Your recruit will also have a chance to go to the Marine Corps Exchange, or the MCX, to get any items that they may need.

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back next week, when we cover the recruits’ first “breakthrough” weeks. Until then…!

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis