San Diego

Welcome back to your Marine Corps boot camp weekly update.I’m glad you’re still with us as your Marine (note we didn’t say recruit) heads into week eleven.

This week your Marine will learn more about life in the military and the skills that they’ll need outside of work in order to have a successful military career.

Training Week Eleven Intel

To kick off this week, your Marine will get the dress uniform that they will wear to graduation. They’ll also be mentored on a few topics that will lead them to a successful career, including marriage, financial responsibility, leadership development, and military travel. They will also return their training gear.

Your Marine will also get to experience the rappel tower. The rappel tower consists of three parts.  First your Marine will learn how to fast rope.  This is a very basic method to insert into an area using only a rope, no safeties or other gear.  Secondly, your Marine will learn how to tie a Military Rappel Seat.  This is more or less a rappel harness tied out of a single rope, and very effective in situations where a quick rappel is needed. Third, your Marine will execute the rappel tower in the Military Rappel Seat that they just tied.  These skills learned are what makes Marines very adaptable and able to be successful in all situations. Below is a video of the rappel tower that your new Marine will conduct this week.

Next, Marines will go to the Marine Corps museum, where they will learn more about significant battles, history, and the Marines that came before them.

If you attend the graduation ceremony, you can visit the Marine Corps museum as well.

To conclude the week, your Marine will have a final Company Commander inspection on Friday, where they will be tested on their knowledge, uniforms, and weapons maintenance, to ensure that they meet all of the basic requirements in order to graduate.

On Sunday, they should also get some base liberty and spend some free time checking out what else goes on on-base. This is a great time to send your new Marine a MCX gift card 💳

Just over a week to go until graduation!

Remember, you have been instrumental in getting them this far in their new military career, and not only should you be proud of your Marine, but you should be proud of yourself, too.

In one of your very last letters 💌 to your recruit at MCRD San Diego, tell your recruit how excited and proud you are of them!

I’ll be back next week to give you a glimpse into what happens at San Diego graduation. Try to keep calm until then, and we’ll talk to you soon!

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis