MCRD San Diego

Welcome to Phase Four, your recruit is just weeks away from graduation. Head’s up – they have a huge week in store.

Training Week Ten Intel

This week, your recruit will go through the confidence chamber ☢️, but don’t be alarmed! The confidence chamber is part of a controlled training environment. This exercise teaches your recruit how to properly and confidently use their gear – in this case, a gas mask – so that if they are ever in a situation when they needed to use it, they could do so successfully and properly. They’ll perform three exercises within the chamber. First, they’ll shake their heads to ensure that their mask is sealed correctly. Next, they’ll do jumping jacks to elevate their heart rates. Finally, they will be required to break the seal of their mask in order to expose their faces to the gas. Rest assured, your recruit isn’t about to go through anything that would seriously harm them!

The “fun” continues when your recruit and their platoon will head into the toughest part of training, both mentally and physically: the Crucible. The Crucible is a 54 hour culminating field exercise that allows the recruits to put all that they have learned into play. They’ll be tested on their physical strength and endurance, mental fortitude and moral character through a series of simulated scenarios.

Recruits begin the Crucible at 2:30am with a 6km hike to where the Crucible is held. Recruits will learn to rely on each other during The Crucible, developing deeply personal bonds in the process. They’ll work as a close-knit team and feel immense purpose once they’ve passed this demanding phase of recruit training. Because of all of the challenges that your recruit will face in those 54 hours, it’s often said that The Crucible is where true Marines are made.

The Crucible culminates in a 15-kilometer hike from the training grounds up a steep hill called “reaper.” At the top, recruits receive their Eagle, Globe, and Anchors emblem, the symbol of the Marine Corps. The emblem commemorates the hardships endured and battles won during recruit training. It serves as a testament to true purpose found by coming together for a common cause. It’s only when your recruit receives their emblem in hand that they have truly earned the title of United States Marine.

Your Marine will return to MCRD San Diego following the end of the Crucible.

Take great pride in all that your Marine has accomplished so far, and don’t forget that your unwavering love and support were critical in helping them get to this important stage in their military journey.

In your letter 💌 to your recruit this week, ask them about their time in the Crucible and how they fared overall. Don’t forget to congratulate them on making it through, and becoming an official member of the United States Marines! While writing your letter, add an MCX gift card as the perfect way to celebrate them becoming a Marine 🎉 .

As you may have come to expect by now, we’ll be back next week to tell you all about week 11 and what to expect!

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis