Platoon Leaders Course Sr. | Quantico

Paul here with your week 5 update for the Platoon Leaders Course. Just two more weeks until candidates finish up their course, but there’s still a lot to accomplish between now and then!

To start the week off candidates will run through the O-Course and E-Course for a graded score. Then they’ll go through a Close Order Drill evaluation. The purpose of close order drill is to teach Marines, by exercise, to obey orders and to do so immediately in the correct way. Candidates will be evaluated on their movement as a unit from one place to another in a standard orderly manner. By now, your candidate should be very comfortable and confident when conducting drills. If you plan on attending graduation, you’ll even get to experience a drill ceremony.

Though candidates will spend some time outside, they will spend much more time in the classroom this week. Your candidate has spent the last few weeks learning all about Marine Corps history, this week they’ll focus on the Global War on Terror. Possible topics they’ll cover are; key events that took place and notable Marines during this time period. Additionally, your candidate will continue to learn and review Marine Corps policies, and the process of giving orders, and be tested on what they’ve learned so far at the end of the week.

To conclude week 5, your candidate will undergo a Company Commander inspection. The inspection will include a check of candidates’ rifles and uniforms, and ask basic Marine Corps knowledge questions. During the inspection, candidates are expected to maintain their bearing even if they are nervous or frustrated, passing this inspection is required in order to graduate. That’s right, graduation for this course is just around the corner. Your candidate has done a lot in their short time at Quantico and soon enough they’ll be leading Marines. In your letter this week, ask how your candidate is feeling about their upcoming exam.

I’ll be back next week with your last and final update for the Platoon Leaders Course.

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis