Platoon Leaders Course Jr. | Quantico

Paul here with your week 5 update for the Platoon Leaders Course. Just two more weeks until candidates finish up their course, but there’s still a lot to accomplish between now and then!

To start the week off, candidates will run through the O-Course that they were introduced to last week, but this time it will be for a graded score. However, unlike last week, your candidate will spend much more time in the classroom this week.

A few weeks ago, your candidate learned how to write orders, and will continue to work on this skill this week. Remember, an operations order is a directive that candidates will use to synchronize actions toward accomplishing a mission. The order consists of an orientation brief and five paragraphs. All five paragraphs work together to coordinate resources into a plan on how candidates will reach the goal of mission accomplishment. Candidates will not only continue to work on writing up orders, but will also issue them.

Next on the schedule, candidates will continue to learn about Marine Corps history, focusing on The Post World War II period. Possible topics they’ll cover are: the road to the war in Korea, the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, and notable Marines during this time period.

Candidates will also cover topics such as the Law of War. The Law of War is defined as that part of international law that governs the conduct of armed hostilities. The purpose of the Law of War is to prevent unnecessary suffering, safeguard certain fundamental human rights of those involved in a conflict, and to ultimately restore peace. Some examples include formal declarations of war, protection of civilians and noncombatants, and communication between warring factions by neutral third parties.

Additional topics that your candidate will learn about in the classroom this week are Marine Corps policies, the fundamentals of leadership, and problem resolution. Candidates will be hitting the books hard, and will be tested on what they’ve learned so far at the end of the week.

To wrap up week 5, your candidate will have their first graduation practice. That’s right, graduation for this course is just around the corner. Your candidate has done a lot in their short time at Quantico and soon enough they’ll be leading Marines. In your letter this week, ask how your candidate is feeling about their upcoming exam.

I’ll be back next week with your last and final update for the Platoon Leaders Course.  

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis