Platoon Leaders Course Jr. | Quantico

Officer Candidates School
“The Sule”

Week 4 is filled with challenges and determination. The first few weeks have only laid the groundwork for your candidate’s journey. Now, they’re ready to tackle the next exciting chapter on their path to becoming Marines.

Building Tactical Proficiency: The Fire and Movement Course

This week, Officer Candidates School focuses on building foundational tactical skills crucial for future success.

The Fire and Movement Course serves as a critical introduction to:

Tactical Obstacle Negotiation
Candidates will learn how to effectively navigate obstacles while maintaining combat effectiveness.

Cover and Movement
They’ll master techniques for utilizing cover and concealment to minimize exposure to enemy fire while advancing.

Fire and Movement
Integrating coordinated movement with accurate rifle fire is a core skill, and this course will provide a solid foundation.

This training ensures candidates acquire the essential technical and tactical skills needed to conquer the demanding Fire Team Assault Course later in training. The Fire and Movement Course is a stepping stone, preparing them for the complexities of battlefield maneuvers.

Conquering the Obstacle Course

This week throws another physical challenge at your candidate. They’ll tackle the demanding obstacle course against the clock, pushing themselves to their absolute limits.

This timed run is a true test of their:

Agility: Navigating obstacles requires quick reflexes and the ability to move efficiently.

Strength: Climbing walls, scaling obstacles, and traversing uneven terrain all test their physical fortitude.

Endurance: Maintaining a fast pace throughout the course demands exceptional stamina.

This grueling test prepares them for the physical demands of battlefield leadership.

Putting Tactics into Action with Field Exercise 3 (FEX 3)

Officer Candidates School throws candidates headfirst into practical application. Field Exercise (FEX ) serves as a critical training ground where they’ll:

Sharpen Military Tactics: Candidates will actively learn and refine essential military tactics through real-world scenarios.

Develop Battlefield Decision-Making: FEX 3 provides a dynamic environment to hone their ability to make quick and effective decisions under pressure.

Test Leadership Skills: Leading a fire team through FEX 3’s simulated combat situations allows for the practical application of leadership principles learned previously.

This immersive training experience prepares them for the complexities of battlefield leadership and tactical execution. FEX 3 is a pivotal step in their transformation into confident and capable Marine Corps Officers.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from your candidate right away this weekend during their first liberty evaluation period; they are probably studying for their next test.

As you can tell, your candidate’s week is filled with a lot of physical activity. In your letter this week, ask your candidate what they learned from executing the SULE and Night Land Nav. Remind them to rest, recover, and STUDY during their first liberty period this weekend.

Thanks for reading along for week four. I’ll see you next week with more insights and stories during this pivotal time for you and your candidate.

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. Paul Davis