Parris Island

Week 4 is filled with challenges and determination—the first phase has only laid the groundwork for your recruit’s journey. Now, they’re ready to tackle the next exciting chapter on their path to becoming a Marine.

“One mind, any weapon.”

The week commences with your recruit being tested on the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), setting the tone for continuous development and testing, as mastering this program is vital for graduation.

Sink or Swim

Next, your recruit faces the challenge of swim week, one of the most demanding parts of training. As the world’s premier amphibious force, the Marine Corps prioritizes water survival skills for all its members. 

Marines often serve at sea or on smaller vessels, making these skills essential. During swim week, recruits will learn to jump into deep water, tread, use survival gear, and quickly shed heavy equipment that could endanger them in emergencies.

Getting Their Steps In

With determined strides and unwavering spirits, the recruits will take off on their second hike, an 8-kilometer this time. The weight of their packs tested their endurance, and the terrain will continue to push them to their limits. 

The blisters and sore muscles are badges of honor, a testament to their unwavering will and the transformative power of their training.

Inspection Time

The end of Week Four cranks up the pressure with a series of crucial evaluations. This week throws recruits headfirst into a pressure cooker focused on ensuring they meet the high standards of the Marine Corps. 

The Series Commander’s Inspection takes center stage. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for graduation. Drill instructors transform into meticulous inspectors, scrutinizing every detail—from the impeccable presentation of uniforms to the recruits’ understanding of military knowledge. 

This rigorous assessment is a pivotal moment, guaranteeing each recruit is prepared to embark on the next phase of their training journey with confidence and pride.

Thanks for sticking around. Next week we’ll cover the Combat Fitness Test (CFT) as well as written testing.

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. Paul Davis
USMC, Retired