Parris Island

This week is a pivotal shift for your Marine as they enter “Marine Week” marking their transition from recruit to Marine. While the intensive training continues, this phase focuses on preparing them for their new identity. It’s a whirlwind of crucial activities: more physical fitness to ensure readiness, a gathering of personal effects, coordinating final travel arrangements, addressing outstanding bills, reinforcing core values, and undergoing final inspections for graduation. 

This week is a culmination of their arduous training journey, filled with excitement as they near the finish line and officially complete boot camp.

The Battalion Commander’s Inspection

This rigorous evaluation, their last formal inspection before graduation, scrutinizes their uniform presentation, military knowledge, and personal motivations. The inspecting officer will assess their adherence to the impeccable standards expected of Marines, ensuring they are prepared to uphold the Corps’ values and traditions.

Building Camaraderie

This week wraps up with a high-spirited field meet, fostering further camaraderie among New Marines. They’ll also visit the Parris Island Marine Corps Museum.  I highly recommend adding this to your own itinerary next week during graduation! This cultural immersion will offer a deeper understanding of the Corps’ history and legacy.

Preparing For Your Trip

As you prepare for your trip to MCRD Parris Island for graduation, make sure to download the Parris Island Family Day app from the App Store or Google Play. With the Family Day app you can browse dining options and activities to do while visiting on base, view the graduation events program, and more.

Prepare to celebrate! Next week, I’ll be back with all the exciting details surrounding your Marine’s graduation ceremony. Until then…

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. Paul Davis
USMC, Retired