MCRD Parris Island

Week 10 marks a pivotal point for your recruit, starting with their final academic exam – a crucial hurdle they must clear for graduation. Understandably, their letter responses might be delayed as they dedicate themselves to studying. 

Next is Final Drill, a rigorous inspection led by the Senior Drill Instructor, ensuring every detail of their uniforms, equipment, and bearing meets the impeccable standards expected of graduating Marines.

Drill Time

As week five draws to a close, your recruit will end phase 2 with Final Drill. This momentous event, often likened to the Super Bowl for both recruits and drill instructors, Final Drill is the last evaluation of a platoon’s execution of close order drill. 

Drill tests drill instructors on their ability to give drill commands and tests recruits on their ability to execute the movements properly. It instills instant obedience to orders and unit cohesion.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ava Alegria)

The Crucible

The Crucible marks the culmination of your recruit’s boot camp journey. This 54-hour mental and physical gauntlet, commencing at 2:30 AM Thursday with a 6-kilometer hike, puts everything they’ve learned to the test. Operating as a tight-knit unit, they’ll face simulated scenarios that push their physical limits, mental resilience, and moral character.

It’s in the crucible that bonds are forged and true Marines are made, as they learn to rely on each other and find purpose in serving a common cause. 

After conquering the final 15-kilometer hike, they’ll receive the Eagle, Globe, and Anchors emblem, a symbol of both the hardships endured and the battles won. This emblem, alongside a hearty “Warrior Breakfast,” marks not only their achievement but their official transition into United States Marines.

(U.S Marine Corps photo by Sgt Gumchol Cho)

Liberty Call Liberty Call

Congratulations! Your new Marine will enjoy on-base liberty this Sunday, marking their first opportunity to make phone calls and visit the main exchange. We hope you cherish this chance to reconnect! Take immense pride in your Marine’s accomplishments. 

Your unwavering love and support played a vital role in their journey to this pivotal moment.

In your letter this week, ask about their Crucible experience and express congratulations on becoming a United States Marine!

Welcome to the Marine Corps Family! With two weeks remaining, there’s much to learn and prepare for—both for your new Marine and for you as you finalize your trip to Parris Island to witness this momentous occasion. Don’t miss out!

Next week we’ll discuss the last 2 weeks and prepping for Graduation.

Semper Fidelis,
Sgt. Maj. Paul Davis
USMC, Retired