Lackland Air Force Base

Hi, Chris here, back with your week seven training update.

Week Seven Intel 

This is our final update. I hope our time together has been beneficial. This week’s focus is family! The Coin Ceremony and Graduation Parade culminate 7.5 weeks of your Airman or Guardian’s transformation. For ALL things graduation, please visit the official website for Air Force Basic Military Training.

If you cannot attend, the ceremonies will be recorded and can be viewed later during the day of the ceremony. The ceremonies are no longer “live streamed,” so DO NOT fall for the scams that ask for payment to watch the live stream. The 37 Training Wing Public Affairs Office conducts the only authorized recordings and will release them on their official YouTube and Facebook.

Although there are still administrative appointments like their Technical School briefing and orders pick up, verification of military records, and Commander’s departure briefings, the main focus of this week is our Air Force and Space Force family. You are a part of that!

I’d like to say thank you for the support you showed your Airman or Guardian during their journey to becoming a part of the world’s most powerful and feared Air Force or Space Force!

Not only are you part of the Air Force or Space Force family, but you’re part of our Sandboxx family. So be sure to stay connected in the Sandboxx App. Support for your Airman or Guardian doesn’t end with BMT. They will need it for the duration of their military journey. Sandboxx is here to help.

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Chris McCool