Hi, Chris here, back with your week six training update.

Week Six Intel 

Your trainee made it through a hectic Week Five and is heading into the week that brings all their training together. In the past five and a half weeks, our professional Military Training Instructor (MTI) cadre has trained and equipped your trainee with the knowledge, skill, and warrior spirit to become an Airman or Guardian. This week is your trainee’s time to demonstrate their readiness and show the Air Force and Space Force they are up to the challenge.

This week is the Primary Agile Combat Employment Range, Forward Operations Readiness Generation Exercise, or PACER FORGE. It is a fast-paced, two-day scenario-based deployment that mirrors the Air Force’s force generation process and reinforces concepts introduced at BMT. During a 36-hour window, military training instructors and trainees will deploy to the former BEAST site, where they will be organized into smaller dispersed teams. Here, they will be tested with scenarios built to provide flexibility, promote information seeking, teamwork, and decision making, and are results focused.

In addition to PACER FORGE, your trainee will learn to survive and operate in Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) environments. The “gas chamber” is a key component of the training. Trainees are placed in an enclosed space with a chemical agent while wearing protective masks. While in that space, they will be given instructions to breathe normally and converse with the mask on. If the mask is on correctly, the chemical agent will not affect them. They will then be instructed to remove the mask. They quickly feel the effects of the “tear gas” agent. The exercise aims to demonstrate that proper care and wearing the mask properly can save their lives in a CBRN environment. In comparison, improper maintenance or wear can have life-or-death consequences for themselves and others.  

At the end of the week, your trainee will take their end-of-course written exam. They will be tested on all the academic lessons taught since their arrival. It is not a difficult test, but they do need to study. Please remind them not to take the written exam for granted in your letter.

In your Letter this week, send your trainee some last-minute motivation as they prepare for PACER FORGE. Don’t forget – you can add an Exchange gift card to any Sandboxx letter. Week 6 will be the last week to write a letter ahead of graduation week and your departure to Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, if you can attend the ceremonies.

I’ll be back next week for our final update. It will be brief, as Week 7 activities are about the family and seeing your trainee become an Airman or Guardian.

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Chris McCool