Lackland Air Force Base

Hi, Chris here, back with your week five training update.

Week Five Intel

In Week 5, your trainee will spend most of the week “Readying for Battle”. They will face several evaluations this week, testing what they have learned in training so far. Academic lessons will also continue, focusing on foundational skills and combat. 

The Warrior Ethos embodies the warrior spirit, characterized by the tenacity to push through, self-discipline, self-control, the hardiness of the spirit despite physical and mental hardships, and moral and physical courage. This determination is an essential component of an Airman or Guardian’s character and also reminds all trainees and guardians that every individual is part of the greater fight.

Week 5 can be a stressful week for your trainee. They will have several evaluations this week that will validate their knowledge and understanding of the lessons they’ve learned over the past five and a half weeks. They will have Progress Checks (evaluations) on Drill, Military Skills Development, Weapons, Dress and Appearance, Fitness, and their Recruit Living Area (RLA). All this, in addition to their regular daily routine, graduation ceremonies practice, and preparation for deployment to PACER FORGE in Week 6.

Academic lessons in Week 5 include Foundational Expeditionary Skills Training (FEST), Combat Stress Recovery, Intro to Air Force Combatives, Joint Operations, Mental Preparation for Combat, and Operation Security (OPSEC) Orientation, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)-combat first aid and care of others in combat. They will also head to the firing range to qualify in marksmanship with a rifle.  

Today is a great time to send a Letter of encouragement to your trainee. They are trained and equipped for this week’s tasks, but showing your support may give them the extra edge they need. Be sure to wish them luck on their evaluations, and remind them you;re proud of them. 

I’ll be back next week with your week six update. 

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Chris McCool