Hi, Chris here, back with your week four training update.

Intel Week Four

The focus on drill in week four is preparing for graduation week ceremonies: the Coin Ceremony and the Graduation Parade. A large part of this week will also focus on continued drill, weapons, and resilience training. 

In Week 4, MTIs continue with Airman’s Time and What Now Airman sessions. These discussions are in a more relaxed environment. The intent is to create a climate of mutual trust and respect that opens the lines of communication between an Airman (trainee) and their Supervisor. Real-life scenarios are discussed, which affords trainees the opportunity to work through challenges they may face after graduation.  

Although drill, weapons, and resilience training consume a good part of this week, academic lessons are still in full swing. Classes this week include Career Progression, Law of War, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection, Healthy Sexual Lifestyles, Sexual Assault Prevention and Reporting (SAPR), Base Referral Agencies, Environmental Management, Ethics, and Military Citizenship.

Some highlights and milestones for your trainee this week include individual and flight photos, clipper cuts for the males, and another recruit living area inspection.

If you’re already thinking about graduation, after all your trainee is half way there! Visit the official Basic Military Training page for graduation information.

In your Letter to your trainee this week, ask them about their photographs and congratulate them on making it to the halfway mark! Don’t forget to add Reply Postage to your letter, or select Stamps as a letter add-on to make replying easy and convenient for your trainee. 

I’ll be back next week with your week five update.

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Chris McCool