Hi, Chris here, back with your week three training update.

Week Three Intel

Your trainee has grown tremendously. You may even hear it in their voice if they had a chance to call or “hear” it in their letters home. In week three, trainees will continue to spend a lot of time on the drill pad, with time also spent learning weapons mechanics. Your trainee received their “blues” this week as well! 

Weapons mechanics and tactical operations remain focal points during this week of training. This is all in preparation for their culminating exercise in Week 6-PACER FORGE.

This week’s academic lessons include Human Relations, Military Entitlements, Financial Readiness, Suicide Awareness, Professional Interpersonal Interaction, Leadership and Character, Cyber Awareness, Public Relations and Media, Human Trafficking Awareness, Healthy Lifestyles, and Comprehensive Airman Fitness (pillars of resilience). As you can see, our Air Force and Space Force are working diligently to transform EVERY trainee into a well-rounded service member.

If your trainee entered service under a Guaranteed Aptitude Index (GAI) contract, they would have a career interview this week where they will select up to 10 preferences of specific jobs (Air Force Specialty Codes-AFSC) in their specialized aptitude area-Mechanical, Electrical, Administrative, or General. They will find out their AFSC in either Week 6 or Week 7 of training. Every trainee will leave BMT knowing their career path and where they will be heading for their technical training immediately following BMT.  

Your trainee will be issued their “blues” this week. It is a significant milestone for them. Having been an MTI, I can tell you there is a sense of pride in the room when trainees try on their blues. They can see “light at the end of the tunnel.” They visualize themselves no longer as a trainee but as an Airman or Guardian. It’s another motivation for them to graduate.

You may also receive a phone call this week from your trainee, so keep an eye on your phone!

In your Letter to your trainee this week, ask them how they felt getting their blues or how their job interview went. Are you including Reply Postage with your letters? This makes replying that much easier for your busy recruit, since their Sandboxx return envelope will include prepaid reply postage and they won’t have to track down a stamp. 

I’ll be back soon with your Week Four update. 

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Chris McCool