Great Lakes

Week Two of Navy boot camp dives deeper into new challenges, pushing your recruits further in their journey to become disciplined and dependable members of the Navy.  This week is about relentless training, unwavering commitment, and building the core foundation of a proud Sailor.

The focus shifts to a blend of classroom learning, physical fitness, and military drill.  By the end of the week, your recruit will have participated in initial uniform and bunk and locker inspections and their first visit to the Navy Exchange (NEX).

Before getting into the details, visit and save the Recruit Training Command’s official website and the Commanding Officer’s Letter and Graduation Access Information page. These resources contain everything you need to know to fill out and return your Graduation Access Form to your recruit by week four.

Learning the Ropes (and Knots)

The second week pushes recruits in both body and mind. Warrior Toughness training prepares them for simulated emergencies, building the mental fortitude needed for the challenges ahead.  Meanwhile, first aid classes equipped them to handle basic injuries and respond to shipboard medical situations.  

Classrooms become a hub of knowledge and learning. Recruits will delve into subjects like ship and aircraft identification, professionalism, test-taking strategies, watch standing, customs and courtesies, basic seamanship (including knot tying), the Navy chain of command, the 11 General Orders of a Sentry, first aid, and of course, military drill.  A strong emphasis is also placed on personal appearance and proper uniform maintenance.

Discipline and Attention to Detail

Physical training and drill exercises continue throughout the week, reinforcing the core values of discipline and meticulous attention to detail. Repetitive tasks, known as “reps and sets,” become the norm, instilling habits of cleanliness, precision, and teamwork.  Barracks inspections and written tests act as constant evaluations,  pushing recruits to showcase their dedication and newly acquired skills.

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Camilo Fernan

Becoming a Sailor

Week two brings exciting milestones for your recruit. They may receive a second haircut to meet strict uniform regulations.  Dress uniform issue provided a welcome milestone, as they were finally fitted in the iconic uniforms, symbolizing their transformation into Sailors and solidifying their new identity.  The visit to the NEX provides an opportunity to purchase essential grooming items and personal effects.  Consider including a NEX gift card in your letters to help them stock up on necessities.

The Power of Letters

As you write to your recruit, consider asking about their experiences with inspections, uniform fittings, and their NEX visit. Sharing these experiences can be a great conversation starter. All the graduation information you need is available on the Sandboxx: Navy Great Lakes Family & Friends group for additional support and connection. 

Stay tuned for more insights into week three and beyond! We’ll continue to share updates and support on social media. This is just a glimpse into their rewarding journey. Let’s keep them motivated!


MCPO Don Garcia, USN (Ret)