Fort Moore | Infantry OSUT

Hooah!! Welcome back! This week marks the start of the sixth and final phase of the U.S. Army’s Infantry OSUT, the Gold Phase. These next several weeks, they will be putting everything they have learned to the test for the final push across the finish line.


By this time, your Soldier has gained more confidence through their challenging training. Their Platoon is getting stronger every day. This week, even more than last, Soldiers will depend on their battle buddies as they form deeper bonds and gain confidence in each other as they carry out trust exercises. They will spend more time in the field executing live fire exercises on the scope with their M4, as well as a 12 mile road march in full battle rattle, learning tactical training, and conducting patrol base operations.


The purpose of the training they do this week is to put into practice all of the Infantry Soldier tasks and skills they have learned over the course of their training thus far. Your Soldier will maintain their weapon systems on a daily basis to ensure it remains serviceable and mission capable. They will employ their Night Vision Devices every night to conduct missions and pull security in their patrol bases. Soldiers carry all of their equipment, food, water, and other belongings in their rucksack. Radios, maps, compass, protective mask, and all of their other equipment and skills come into play as they face the challenges associated with each day. Throughout the week your Soldier will complete multiple missions a day. At night they will sleep in a patrol base outside in the training area. And the whole time they are refining their craft and learning to work with their teammates to become an effective unit.

More time in the field means trainees will experience a deeper understanding of field hygiene. There is no running water or access to the Dining Facility (DFAC) during these field exercises, so meals are given in the form of either meal ready to eat (MRE) or field chow. 

Training Circular (TC) 4-02.3 provides guidance to soldiers on field hygiene and sanitation, so that Soldiers can remain healthy and fit in the field, and are capable of accomplishing their mission in any environment.

After being out in the field for even a couple of days, getting hot chow brought in from the DFAC can be one of the few simple pleasures they enjoy throughout the day. Hot chow isn’t only about getting some down time, it’s also about discovering the treats inside an MRE and experiencing the flameless heater. Time in the field can be very challenging, so the smell of food – even in MRE form – can be pretty euphoric.

Another consideration during field exercises is that your Soldier may interact with recent graduates of Infantry OSUT who are there to support the training exercises as Cadre. These Soldiers require the same level of respect as the Drill Sergeants.


In your Letter this week, be sure to ask your Soldier what their favorite MRE is as well as their least favorite. I am sure they enjoyed their first hot meal after being out in the field.

Don’t forget you can include up to 4 photos in your Sandboxx Letter when you select the Multi Photo Add-on. This way you can share moment from home with your Soldier.


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That’s a brief look at the intense but rewarding journey your Soldier is on. Let’s keep supporting them every step of the way!

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SGM Kris Broadus, U.S. Army (Ret)