Armor OSUT | Fort Moore

Hi, Kris here, back with your week eight training week update. 

Week Eight Intel

Week eight can be an exhausting week for your Trainee.  They will embark on a 40 hour, 5 day course resulting in Basic Combatives Course certification after learning to use their body as a weapon.  By now, your Trainee has definitely started to notice a distinct difference in their physical appearance and overall strength.  The daily regime of physical fitness will be put on full display this week and they challenge their bodies in physical combat.

This week your Trainee will learn to use their own body as a weapon. Up until this point, they have been learning how to use the various equipment and tools provided to them. The focus of combatives is how to use your arms, legs, and even head to win a physical altercation with an opponent. They will learn how to position their bodies, apply leverage and submissions, and strike their opponents. Additionally they will learn to protect themselves against these techniques.

After the intense week of training, they will complete a practical examination and receive a Level 1 Basic Combatives certification. While most Trainees are sore and tired, they are very appreciative of this training and the resulting confidence they feel in their ability.

In your Letter to your trainee today, ask them how they did in Combatives and what new insights into physical combat sport they have developed.  I know they learned a lot, so we’re sure that they’ll have a lot to say.

You could also ask them about their excitement for next week’s Turning Green Ceremony and the Forge if you wanted to play it safe.

I’ll be back shortly with your week nine training update.


Retired Sgt. Maj. Kris Broadus