Armor OSUT | Fort Moore

Hi, Kris here, back with your week two training week update. 

Week Seven Intel

Welcome to Phase IV, the Blue Phase! By now your Trainee is exhausted from all the time they have spent on the range with Rifle Marksmanship, but I guarantee they are proud to have qualified with their weapon. During week seven, training will be focused around the fire and maneuver tactics central to Armor Soldiers. Your trainee will face Tactical Training Days, go to the live fire range and learn about supporting weapons systems, including how to throw a grenade.

The main training event is the Tactical Training Days (TTD 1-4) where the Trainees will learn to shoot, move, and communicate in two person buddy teams. The Trainees will learn the basics of individual movement techniques (IMT) which is the tactical method of moving in combat. Then they will go to the live fire range, put on their protective vests, helmet, ear plugs, and eye protection, and begin practicing the lanes.

The live fire exercises (LFX) are some of the most stressful events a Trainee can experience as they are required to move and accurately fire live rounds while another Trainee is doing the same thing next to them. A Trainee is required to constantly be aware of their surroundings and must keep their weapon pointed in a safe direction. They are constantly supervised by their Drill Sergeants and once they complete the training, they have a greater respect for their weapons and confidence in their ability to employ them safely.

They will also learn about their supporting weapons systems during this week such as the Frag Grenade and the M320 Grenade Launcher. Just like in the Rifle Marksmanship weeks, the trainees will spend the day at a range where they will practice and qualify with the respective weapons systems. Trainees typically find the M320 and Frag grenade ranges to be a highlight of basic training. These explosive weapon systems are sure to be a spectacle and give them some fun stories to tell.

One of the most memorable events will be the first time they throw a live grenade.  This is normally a very stressful time for the Trainees.  They must face and overcome their fears while throwing their first grenade. All Trainees must throw two live fragmentation grenades and they will earn a qualification badge for their accomplishment.

In the upcoming weeks, your Trainee will be participating in the Forge and a Turning Green Ceremony. This is where they will officially be recognized as Soldiers and no longer called Trainees.  We welcome and encourage families to attend the Turning Green Ceremony.  You will not be disappointed.  If you are able to attend, your Trainee will be able to join you in the local area for a four-day pass.

In your Letter today ask your trainee how their live fire exercises went and how it felt to get familiar with new weapon systems like the grenade launcher. Don’t forget to add Reply Postage to make replying easier for your trainee.

I’ll be back shortly with updates on week eight’s training.


Retired Sgt. Maj. Kris Broadus