Fort Leonard Wood

Hi, Kris here, back with your week two training week update. 

Week Nine Intel

Week nine is the last week before graduation! It’s time to put everything your Soldier has learned to the real test – the End of Cycle Test, which is required to pass in order to graduate.

To start week nine, your Soldier (notice that we didn’t say trainee, now that your loved one has gone through their Rite of Passage ceremony!) will spend three days in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) orientation. Then, soldiers will have counseling with their DS and take their End of Cycle test.

During AIT orientation, your Soldier will learn about what’s coming next on their training schedule for their particular MOS (military occupational specialty). By the end, they’ll understand how AIT works, which base they’ll be going to next, what will be expected of them in training, and more.

Over the next few days, your Soldier will tackle a few more trainings, and will complete their combat certification in addition to practicing their platoon drill with weapons. They’ll also have time set aside for counseling from their Drill Sergeant.

By the end of week nine, your Soldier will have taken (and hopefully passed!) their End of Cycle Test, or EOCT. This comprehensive final exam goes through 212 different tasks that your soldier must complete in a satisfactory manner in order to graduate. Best of luck to your Soldier on this test, as passing it is a huge accomplishment and basic training milestone!After this week, your Soldier will spend their final days at Fort Leonard Wood cleaning their equipment and preparing for the graduation ceremony.

In your Letter this week, ask your Soldier how they did on their EOCT, and tell them what you’re looking forward to most at graduation next week.


Retired Sgt. Maj. Kris Broadus