Fort Leonard Wood

Hi, Kris here, back with your week five training week update. 

Week Five Intel

In week five your trainee will use what they’ve learned so far to pass the Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) qualification course. They’ll also be introduced to a new weapon while spending most of their week in the field.

The BRM qualification course consists of firing 20 rounds in the supported prone or foxhole supported position, 10 rounds in the unsupported prone position, and 10 rounds from the kneeling firing position at pop-up targets that range in distance from 5 meters to 300 meters.

To earn their marksmanship badge, trainees will have to hit 23 to 29 out of the 40 targets. Trainees hitting 30 to 35 targets will qualify for the sharpshooter badge. An expert badge will be awarded to those trainees that hit 36 to 40 of the 40 targets.

To conclude the week, your trainee will be introduced to their M68, which is a 105mm rifled tank gun sight. A Close Combat Optic, the M68 is a sophisticated weapon optics that the Army, Air Force, and many other armed services rely on as their primary sight in combat for distances of 50 yards or less. During the training with their M68, your trainee will learn how to line up their shot using the little raised notches on the firearm, as well as how to use the close combat optics of the device to reach their target. Once they learn how to use the M68, they’ll incorporate it into their training with any machine gun type rifles down the line.We’ll be back in a few days to discuss your trainee’s field training.

As they’ll be in the field for most of the week, you should send them a Letter this week before they’re away from the mailroom on base for a bit. If you need topic ideas, you could ask them about their BRM qualification course results, or how they fared on the obstacle course.

Are you including Reply Postage with your letters? You can make replying easier for your busy recruit, since their Sandboxx return envelope will include prepaid reply postage and they won’t have to track down a stamp.


Retired Sgt. Maj. Kris Broadus