Fort Leonard Wood

Hi, Kris here, back with your week three training week update. 

Week Three Intel

Week three at Fort Leonard Wood is on various combative exercises, from a foot march to getting familiar with their equipment and finally tackling the Hammer. 

Your trainee will undergo their first foot march, which consists of a five mile walk on foot in their full “battle rattle.” Full battle rattle is approximately 50 pounds of gear, including a flak jacket, Kevlar helmet, pro-mask, ammunition, weapons, and rucksack with other basic military equipment. With all of this equipment on their backs, your trainee will soon realize why all of their physical preparations have been of top importance!

Your trainee will also participate in the Hammer, a one-day, one-night field training exercise used for land navigation and incorporates all of the warrior tasks and battle drills that they have learned so far. They’ll learn to do things like applying camouflage paint on themselves and creating a security perimeter. DS’s use this exercise to evaluate your trainee’s discipline and fitness levels, as well as their proficiency in events like shooting, land navigation and grenade-throwing.

After the Hammer is complete, your trainee will conclude their week by working on some stationary squad drills, which, unlike drill and ceremony, take place while your trainee isn’t moving. The drill positions of attention and parade rest are two perfect examples, as well as parade rest, at ease, left or right face, about face, and fall out.

Last but not least, your trainee may go through a particularly momentous exercise during this week: the confidence chamber. The confidence chamber is a controlled training environment and part of the Army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) program and the culmination of a series of classroom instructions on protective mask use. Trainees will be exposed to CS gas in a large chamber, first while wearing their protective masks, and then without them just before exiting so that they can briefly experience the effects of the gas.

In your Letter to your trainee today, ask them if their battalion tackled the confidence chamber this week, and if they did, see how they fared! It’s a new and strange experience, so we’re sure that they’ll have a lot to say. You could also ask them about the Hammer and what they thought of that field exercise if you wanted to play it safe.

I’ll be back shortly with more information about your recruit’s week four boot camp update. 


Retired Sgt. Maj. Kris Broadus