Fort Leonard Wood

Hi, Kris here, back with your week two training week update. 

Week Two Intel: Confidence Tower

Basic training is a very intense training schedule, week two is geared toward reinforcing the principles of discipline and teamwork. In week 2, trainees will look forward to moving out of the classroom and toward the rifle range to learn some exciting and very useful skills in the field like map reading, land navigation, and using a compass. These skills will be put to the test at the compass course, where trainees are divided into groups and must navigate their way to a series of points throughout a wooded area.

The trainees’ new mentor and leader is their Drill Sergeant (DS). The DS will test your trainee’s physical and mental endurance. During week two, trainees will continue their combatives, or Ground Fighting Technique (GFT). The training often culminates in a competition where each platoon chooses one trainee to compete.

First aid training, known as Combat Life Saver (CLS), is also given during this period. Trainees are trained in evaluating and properly treating casualties, ranging from dressing a wound and dehydration treatment, to the application of a splint and tourniquet.

Trainees will also get the chance to tackle the Confidence Tower, an exercise typically done early where trainees can develop the personal courage and confidence in their equipment, giving trainees the ability to realize they can overcome just about any obstacle thrown their way. Trainees must navigate through several obstacles at extreme heights, including climbing and traversing rope ladders and bridges, and rappelling down a 50-foot wall.

To close out the week, your trainee will continue with their physical training. By now, they should start to see some notable difference in their physique and stamina. Their drill sergeant will also inspect their uniform and barracks before providing each trainee with some counseling.

In your Letter 💌 to your trainee today, ask how they did when they were presented with the challenges that come with the Confidence Tower! Are you including Reply Postage with your letters? This makes replying that much easier for your busy recruit, since their Sandboxx return envelope will include prepaid reply postage and they won’t have to track down a stamp. 


Retired Sgt. Maj. Kris Broadus