Fort Jackson

Hooah!! Welcome back to your Week Two training update. By now you may be wondering what the word Hooah means. Let me tell you! Hooah is a universal Army term that means just about everything. It can be a simple replacement word for “Yes”, “Understood”, “I’m excited” or almost any other thing you can think of. Hooah is the universal battle cry for the United States Army and a word that you will become very familiar with in your Trainee’s newfound vocabulary.  

I know these last few weeks have been difficult, but don’t worry, you will be reunited with your Trainee before you know it. 


Week two will be a very busy and exciting time for your Trainee. They will conduct their first diagnostic Army Combat Fitness Test (ACPT), their first Foot March, the Obstacle Course, Victory Tower, and the always exciting Confidence Chamber, also known as the Gas Chamber.


First up this week is one of the most anticipated combat scenarios of their time at Fort Jackson, the Confidence Chamber, also known as the gas chamber. This is their first introduction to Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, and Nuclear (CBRN) training. They will learn how to properly wear the M50 Protective Mask (also known as Gas Mask) as well as employ a variety of cleaning supplies specifically designed to treat contamination.

The Confidence Obstacle Course is all about overcoming obstacles and, as the name implies, building confidence.


Trainees will also get the chance to tackle the Confidence Rappel Tower also known as Victory Tower. The Confidence Rappel Tower is an exercise typically done early where trainees can develop the personal courage and confidence in their equipment. This gives trainees the ability to realize they can overcome just about any obstacle thrown their way. Trainees must navigate through several obstacles at extreme heights, including climbing and traversing rope ladders and bridges, and rappelling down a 50-foot wall.


Every Letter you send to your Trainee is a significant opportunity to keep them motivated and focused on the finish line. Let them know how proud you are of their decision to serve. Also, make sure you ask them how they did on Victory Tower and the Gas Chamber. I am sure they will have some great stories to share with you.

Although Sandboxx letters arrive the next day with return stationery, a pre-addressed envelope, the return postage paid, photos, and a gift card feature, don’t feel like you have to use Sandboxx to send letters. We encourage handwritten letters and cards – these are so important.


Stay tuned for more insights into Week Three and beyond. Follow us on social media for the latest updates, letter ideas, and more.

That’s a brief look at the intense but rewarding journey your Trainee is on. Let’s keep supporting them every step of the way!

You can always find me via chat in the Sandboxx app or — just ask for Kris, and myself or another teammate will get back to you as soon as we can.


SGM Kris Broadus, U.S. Army (Ret)