Cape May

Hi, Paul here, back with your final training update.

Congratulations! You and your recruit have reached the last and final week of boot camp, and you are a few short days away from being reunited.

Week Eight Intel

Your recruit will start week eight with a physical fitness challenge, then they begin additional preparations for graduation. Before the week is over your recruit will participate in a capping ceremony and spend some time with their CO. 

This week’s physical fitness challenge consists of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, cycling and swimming. After completing this, they’ll pick up their Gore-Tex jacket, which is a tactical jacket that will keep them warm and dry while they’re out in the fleet.

Next, they’ll turn their attention to graduation week! First your recruit will learn about graduation week history by reading about a Coast Guard historical event. This will give them a strong sense of pride and honor, and will inspire them to become great Coast Guardsmen and make history, just like the Coasties that they read about.

After that, they’ll participate in a capping ceremony, where they’ll get rid of their recruit covers – the blue, less formal uniforms that they wore during training – and pin their non-rate pins to their brand new U.S. Coast Guard covers. All recruits will also get to spend time with their Commanding Officer. This is a big deal for your recruit, as the CO runs the entire training center! Instead of getting yelled at (we’re so glad this is over, too!), the CO will have a conversation with them and give them some meaningful advice that will stick with them throughout the rest of their Coast Guard career. They’ll also learn more about pay and allowances, and take care of some administrative work that they’ll need in order to leave Cape May.

The day before graduation, your recruit will spend more time with their CO over a casual lunch. That evening, the entire graduating class will have a pizza party for dinner to give them one last chance to celebrate their progress before the big event.

Last but not least, graduation day has arrived to conclude their week and entire boot camp experience! You’ll get your first chance to see your recruit after the family briefing you’ll attend with the CO. The graduates-to-be will do a fly-by where they walk past you singing cadence loud and proud for all to hear. Trust us, you’ll want your camera 📸 out for this one! Keep in mind, though, that it may be hard to spot which Coastie is yours. They’ve gone through a huge transformation, not to mention that they look pretty similar in uniform.

On behalf of all of us at Sandboxx, congratulations to you and your new coast guardsman! We’re so proud of all that your new Coastie has accomplished over the past two months, and are so excited to welcome you all into the military community. 

Semper Paratus,

Retired Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis