Cape May

Hi, Paul here, back with your week seven training update.

Week Seven Intel

Week seven means graduation is quickly approaching! This week, your recruit has a few big items to tackle. First, they will learn first aid and CPR, and will have a few chances to practice drills to make sure that they are perfect come graduation day. Their precision will be absolutely flawless, and you’ll be so impressed with their progress. Get those tissues ready for any stray tears in advance!

By now, your recruits should be well accustomed to military courtesies and customs. They’re expected to make few to no mistakes, and most of them live up to this! As a result, company commanders will become a little bit more friendly with the recruits and won’t be yelling as much because they won’t be making as many corrections. Soon enough, they’ll be active duty Coast Guardsmen!

Your recruit will also learn the proper procedures for handling lines on a vessel. These lines are massive and are pretty heavy, so it’s really important that they are handled properly for safety reasons. To make sure that your recruit is in top physical shape in order to properly manage lines, they’ll also keep training in the pool, on a bike, and with TRX straps and weights.

Next, it’s time to start getting ready to graduate. Your recruit will officially sign their orders, which are the documents that tell them where they’re going next in their Coast Guard journey! Once they’ve signed their orders, they’ll take a final exam that they must pass, which includes a final physical fitness assessment 💪🏼. Graduation is just a week away, and they should know everything that’s on this test – and know it well. Hopefully this test will be easy peasy for your recruit.

On that note, have you started preparing for graduation yet? We bet you can’t wait to get there and see your recruit again! Do you have your signs ready to go? If not, grab some poster board and get creative! You’ll also be able to purchase small flags with your recruit’s company colors on it when you’re on base for graduation. As always, let us know if you have any other graduation-related questions.

Next, they’ll turn in their M-16 rifle and will get 8 hours of off-base liberty – their first time off base in almost two months!

We’ll be back with our FINAL boot camp update for you next week. We’ve reached the final graduation countdown!

In this week’s Letter, send your recruit some motivation to get them through the last of their preparation and get them excited for graduation!

To celebrate their upcoming graduation, why not send a CGX gift card with your Letter so your recruit can buy any essentials they need? CGX gift cards can be used at all bases around the country making them the perfect pre or post graduation gift. Be sure to send them this week with your Sandboxx Letter as mail in the final week of training can not be guaranteed.

I’ll be back next week with your FINAL boot camp update. 

Semper Paratus,

Retired Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis