Cape May

Week 6 signals a slight change in pace for your recruit. Not only will they receive a lot of hands-on tactical training that’ll be useful in the field, but they’ll also get their first block of free time!

Week Six Intel

Recruits will kick off week 6 with firearms training, where they’ll learn critical safety rules for carrying and operating a firearm. These include treating all firearms as if they are loaded, maintaining proper muzzle control, keeping fingers away from the trigger until the firearm is on target and ready to shoot, and knowing your target and what lies beyond it.

Your recruit will also have to complete their first unit reporting guide, which involves learning what to do when they get to their first unit after graduating, this week. They’ll also participate in more drill practice, and will have to complete a handful of swim workouts.

Your recruit will participate in a confidence course, which is a fancy name for a giant obstacle course. Through climbing up rope structures, hopping over logs, and getting over different obstacles, your recruit will put their best physical forward in this challenge which will help to build their confidence in return.

In addition to everything we just mentioned, your recruit will have a lot of administrative time to figure out and finalize travel plans for graduation. They’ll also get their ID cards, any medical shots needed, any dental work required, and their PCS information – which stands for permanent change of station – so that they’ll be 100% ready to go once they graduate!

Typically in week five, most recruits will receive their colors (however, sometimes this happens in week six). Each company is assigned its colors at the beginning of boot camp, and will have to earn their colors by showing teamwork, putting others before themselves, and showing what it is to be a Coast Guardsman.

Receiving colors is a huge honor. Prior to this, recruits march with a plain beige flag. They don’t get to experience the pride of carrying their colors during march until they prove themselves worthy of the honor. Because of this, some companies will receive their colors before this week, and some may receive them after. Earning colors is a true turning point in your recruit’s training, because this symbol recognizes the progress that they’ve made in their Coast Guard journey as they finally begin to get their bearings and start transforming into a Coast Guardsman.

Last but not least, your recruit will get their first taste of on-base liberty with a whopping six hours of free time! During this time, they’ll be able to go to the Exchange, which is like a mini shopping mall, to pick up any supplies that they may need.

They’ll also be able to work out, write letters, and do anything else that they choose, so the beginning of week 6 would be a great time to send a letter 💌 if you’re hoping for a reply! Your recruit has been scheduled minute-to-minute up until this point, so it’s likely that they simply haven’t had time to write back. Don’t worry – it’s not personal!

Semper Paratus,

Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis