Cape May

Hi, Paul here, back with your week four training update.

Week Four Intel

Week four is yet another high-stress week for your recruit. All recruits will begin learning drill and practicing it frequently, which helps them to learn discipline, precision and the correct response once an order is given. They will also learn about Coast Guard careers this week, and take a midterm exam. 

Next, your recruit will learn about the different enlisted careers in the Coast Guard, starting with pay, allowances and career planning. By the next week, your recruit will know where in the fleet they will be sent, and what they’ll be doing after boot camp graduation. They’ll pick their assignment first based on geographic location, and then will select the type of unit that they’d like to join, which could be on a cutter, aircraft or boat.

After that, all recruits will continue their firefighting education, which they began last week. In week four, your recruit will learn how to extinguish a fire on a vessel by going through a simulator. In this challenge, the room is filled with steam to emulate smoke, and they’ll wear full fire gear, including an oxygen tank and a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Once properly dressed and in the room, the recruits will have to work as a team to put out the vessel’s fire.

To finish the week off, your recruit will take a midterm exam. This test will evaluate how much they have learned over the past month or so, and will quiz them on topics like military customs, Coast Guard history, rank structure and more.

Once your recruit finishes and passes their exam, it’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief. They’ve made it halfway through Coast Guard boot camp! Make sure to send them a Letter congratulating them, and feel free to ask about receiving their colors or their midterm exam too!

Are you including Reply Postage with your letters? This makes replying that much easier for your busy recruit, since their Sandboxx return envelope will include prepaid reply postage and they won’t have to track down a stamp. 

I’ll be back next week with your week five update. 

Semper Paratus,

Retired Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis