Cape May

Paul from Sandboxx back again, this time to tell you about the many, many things that your recruit is learning at boot camp this week.

Week Three Intel

This will be a huge week of learning for your recruit, as they become immersed in the various roles and missions of the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard has a unique blend of military, humanitarian, and civilian law enforcement capabilities. First, they will learn about safety, security and stewardship while on the water:

  • Maritime safety deals with protecting the lives and safety of Americans. This includes enforcing marine safety and helping with searches and rescues.
  • Maritime security involves enforcing (or assisting to enforce) federal laws and treaties while at sea. To do this, they’ll be taught about intercepting illegal drug shipments, defense readiness, dealing with intercepting undocumented migrants, and how to keep America’s ports, waterways and coast secure.
  • Maritime stewardship consists of protecting our natural resources. To do this, your recruit will learn about living marine resources, fisheries, ice operations, marine environmental protection and aids to navigation.

After they’re done learning about their duties on the water, they’ll learn some tactical skills that will prove quite useful while they’re on the job. First, they’re taught about the types and parts of a line, or the long rope on a boat that’s used to tie it to the dock. (If you’re curious about the parts, they’re called the better end, bight, turn, round turn, and standing part.)

They’ll also learn how to tie five different knots – a square knot, bowline, clove hitch, slip clove hitch, round turn, and two half hitches – which they’ll use throughout training for tasks like securing their ditty bag, which contains their belongings, shoes, etc.

Last, your recruit will learn about fire terms and safety, including how to put out a fire on cutters, which is what the Coast Guard calls their ships.

In your letter 💌 to your recruit this week, ask them what was the most interesting thing they learnt this week about Coast Guard duties.

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As promised, we’ll be back next week with more updates about your recruit’s experience at boot camp, as they begin to learn drill. Stay tuned!

Semper Paratus,

Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis