Cape May

Hi, Paul here, back with your week two training update.

Week Two Intel

This week is all about introducing physical fitness to recruits, as well as becoming familiar with military customs, courtesies and drills. For fitness, they will complete multiple TRX circuit training sessions, their first swim assessment, and multiple bike workouts. They’ll also spend the week learning more about Coast Guard core and personal values.

Next, the recruits will learn about rates, and ranks. All enlisted recruits start their Coast Guard journey as Seaman Recruit, with a rate, which is determined by their occupation and pay grade, of E-1. A rank, which officers hold, are also known as grades.

After learning about rates and ranks, your recruit will be issued their first rifle. All recruits will be responsible for their M-16 assault rifle throughout training. After they have their rifle, they will stand their first watch standing shift of many to follow, learning how to stand a proper watch. This is an integral part of Coast Guard duty, which is standing watches in the fleet that consist of shipboard deck and engineering watches and radio command and control centers that are monitoring radio calls for assistance all across the service.

Finally, your recruit will meet their company mentor, a Coast Guardsman currently in the fleet, for the first time. Their mentor will visit them throughout bootcamp to help mentor them and give them an idea of what Coast Guard life is like after they graduate from basic training. Your recruit will come to love their company mentor’s visits, because they’ll get to talk to one another and get a break from the high pressure and stress of their Company Commander in the process!

Week two will be one of the toughest weeks that your recruit will face at boot camp. It’s all about developing the foundation for self-discipline and accountability, as well as developing the teamwork concept that many recruits struggle to understand out of self-preservation. Make sure you send your loved one a Letter this week to help and keep their spirits high!

That’s all for now, but we’ll be back next week, when we cover the Coast Guard’s various roles and missions.

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Semper Paratus,

Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. (ret.) Paul Davis