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Recruiting Stations - We are building all recruiting stations and sub stations into the Sandboxx unit structure for the purpose of providing recruiters with a better engagement tool to recruit and retain our recruits. This way, recruiters have one place to communicate with their entire station in order to motivate, captivate, and build camaraderie in within the recruitment ecosystem.

Friends/Family Feed - Sandboxx also lets our recruits create a support group for their journey ahead. Sandboxx brings friends and family all into one feed, securely and privately. It is a difficult task to sort through the noise of main stream digital social platforms for this type of support. This group of supporters will also become users of Letters, able to send letters when their recruits ship off to Basic Training.

Letters - Being without a smart phone is hard for this generation; dropping off the grid completely from digital media for the first time is shocking to their social-emotional strength. The social supporters of our recruits predominately communicate via smartphones using multiple apps and technologies. They do not want to change the way they communicate. As of now, communication with loved ones in Basic Training is still a pencil and paper phenomenon. Writing letters is time consuming; requiring a stamp, envelope and the correct address handy. The Letters feature automates the entire process for sending sending pictures and letters (see Letters User Guide). It allows a sender to snap a picture, add text, select the recipient, and send it, knowing that each Letter includes an addressed return envelope for swift return capability. This way, their support group can easily send them letters directly through the app right when they want to, not having to wait until they get home. This helps keep our recruits stay motivated and better connected to home.

Recruiter Legacy - We know some of the best referrals come from recruits turned heroes. Sandboxx strengthens this network for our recruiters by giving them immediate access to the digital universe of every single person they have recruited.

Encourage each future recruits to download the Sandboxx App which allows them to invite the family and friends they want to stay connected with during basic training/boot camp. The app will also allow them to connect to their recruiter and fellow recruits before they leave. The app can be found by searching for "Sandboxx" in the Apple iOS app store and is a free download. We will be releasing our app for Android devices soon.

Advise recruits to bring one or more postcards with a stamp on it. Once they are assigned and obtain their mailing address they will write this information on their postcard and drop it in the mail. In turn, we send a notification via the app to their friends and family to initiate their first Letters with their loved ones. Any extra postcards they bring can be used in the event of an address change or for sharing with other recruits. Please see the User Guide.