Exchange™ Gift Cards

Gear up with Gift Cards.

Send your recruit Exchange™ gift cards—printed with their Sandboxx Letter. Gift cards never expire, and they can be used before, during and after basic training.

How It Works

Printed Together, Sent Together

All Exchange™ gift cards are purchased while writing your letter, so when your letter is printed, the gift card is too.

No Hassle

For Recruits

You’ve got a lot to think about during training—and finances should be the least of your concerns. Exchange gift cards make it easy for recruits to get what they need and get going.

Any Exchange™

Anywhere in the the World

Visiting the Exchange™ is almost a weekly occurrence for recruits in training, but the benefits don’t end when they graduate. Exchange™ gift cards can be saved in the Sandboxx app and are redeemable at any Exchange™ around the world.

Send and Spend

Make Training Less Stressful

Whether your recruit needs to buy socks, gloves, toothpaste or something else, Exchange™ gift cards help them worry less about paying and more about training.

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