Sandboxx Stories: Kelly, National Guard Mom

At Sandboxx, we are always working hard to listen to our customers and families. In …

ROBINSON MANEUVER TRAINING CENTER, N. Little Rock, Ark.:— Six Soldiers from the 77th Combat Aviation Brigade competed in their unit’s Best Warrior Competition this week on Camp Robinson. One NCO and one Enlisted soldier will be chosen to represent the unit in next year’s State Best Warrior Competition. (U.S. Army National Guard Photo by Civ. Zac Lehr)

At Sandboxx, we are always working hard to listen to our customers and families. In this series, learn more about people who utilize Sandboxx to stay connected with their recruits and service members.

Meet Kelly, a National Guard mom. Despite the distance, Sandboxx has helped her stay connected with her son.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your service member.

My Bonus son signed up for the National Guard about a year ago and worked so hard to finish his schooling so he can go serve our country!

I’ve been his Bonus Mama for 5 years now and see him as my own. I wouldn’t want it any other way and couldn’t be more proud of his decision to join!

How did sending letters with Sandboxx help you connect and stay in touch with your recruit during basic training?

Being from Florida makes having your boy go so far away very difficult! With the Sandboxx app I am able to write daily and know he is getting something everyday. With regular mail it’s hard to judge when delivery will happen. I like being able to track my deliveries! Also my favorite thing is seeing when he uses the return postage to reply to my letters! I am able to track the letter back to me! I also love being able to send a daily motivational quote to him just in case I can’t get to writing a letter.

How did you first hear about Sandboxx? After using it for a while, what do you think about Sandboxx?

I heard about the Sandboxx app through Facebook and then family support groups I joined when my son left for basic training.

What are your service members future plans?

My boy is excited about going to AIT Training for 22 weeks after basic training. I am not as excited because it’s such a long time. I’m glad I will be able to use the Sandboxx app to continue to stay connected. I am just a Bonus Mama living my days by a countdown of when he gets home

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